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There is no doubt that the new Corona virus – the curse of the new world – has imposed many prohibitions on millions of people around the world in the hope of avoiding or besieging them. In childbearing during this period, when the world is witnessing an outbreak of corona, which kills thousands of lives every day. “Calderwood” explained during a press conference held with the Prime Minister of Scotland, Nikola Sturgen, that he “prefers not to think about pregnancy and childbirth, so that medical personnel can focus on facing the outbreak of the new Corona virus, and we must think in time for that.” The newspaper “Mirror” British doctor, she “indicated that this does not mean that pregnant women will not receive the same level of health care as was the case before Corona,” stressing that the outbreak “will continue for some time.” “There is a lot of pressure on emergency services in the country to treat HIV patients, and it is imperative that husbands make sure to provide a healthy environment for newborn babies, which is difficult at the present time, in light of the outbreak of the epidemic,” she said: “That is why I propose to talk with The public about the need to think twice before embarking on pregnancy now, “and stressed that” childbearing cases increase after nine months of Valentine’s Day, so we have to rethink our thinking and our calculations regarding this matter. “

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