From a poor Wi-Fi connection to distracting digital problems, technology can transform work from home into a tragic situation. It may seem that the decision to work from home due to the “emerging corona virus” is a kind of prosperity, especially as you will have time to cook and wash clothes during breaks from work.

But the truth is not like that, especially when the Wi-Fi speed declines, you feel confused while using new software tools, and you have to use an annoying old mouse.

Strengthening domestic work

Here’s how you can cheer up work from home.

– Internet connection.

First, you should start by tackling the most important technical problem at home is connecting to the Internet.

Home internet speed is often slow and Wi-Fi connections are intermittent, compared to the high-speed broadband connections available in the office.

Now is the time to evaluate your infrastructure:

– If your Wi-Fi signals are uneven, that is, they are strong in a room and weak in another, we advise you to invest in what is known as a mesh Wi-Fi system, which allows you to connect to multiple Wi-Fi points simultaneously to cover the home with the Internet.

On the market you will find robust network Wi-Fi systems, most notably Google Wifi and Amazon’s Eero, which starts at $ 99 with a single signal adapter and connectivity to additional points.

If your internet speeds are slow: You can use a modern Wi-Fi system that supports the latest wireless standards, as mentioned above. However, if the situation continues as is, even after updating the networked devices, it is best to contact your service provider to ask them about other options. Most providers in this case tend to offer better broadband speeds but at higher rates.

With the spread of the epidemic, most of us are currently experiencing a decline in the speed of Internet connectivity, especially since millions of people work today from home and consume broadband services, which leads to a decline in the speed rates around the world. In this case, there is nothing you can do and you will probably just complain to the provider.

– A second option. For this reason, you should have a second option for support. When speed problems start to appear, you can turn to the hotspot feature on your phone that transforms the cellular connection of the device into a mini Wi-Fi network. Cellular networks are designed to handle large numbers of users, which means that your phone will give you a faster internet connection at a time when broadband is under stress. On Apple and Google, you can find instructions on how to turn phones into hotspots.

However, use this feature only in cases of interruption, to avoid exceeding the maximum allowed in your cellular plan.

– Make the most (and reduce) your technical settings. There is no standard setting that works for everyone when it comes to working from home because everyone works in a different field. But the golden rule that everyone should apply is to reduce the number of devices and tools as much as possible because too much technology means a lot of problems.

– Small screens. At home, many rely on the laptop to work, but small screens may make the individual feel some of the limitations. In this case, you can use an additional screen as the 27-inch HP HD Z27 ($ 539).

Disturbing voice and video communications.

We all tried low-light video communications and poor audio connections. If you are experiencing sound quality problems, you can use wireless headphones such as the Jabra Elite 75t ($ 180) with noise reduction microphones that prevent capturing powerful external sounds. For those looking for better video quality, they can purchase a webcam like «C920S» from Logitech ($ 70). For lighting issues, use a healing lamp like Carix Day – light Classic Plus ($ 150) that provides natural light to make video calls and adjust your mood.

Individual and group problems

– The hype. For those who have small children in their homes or live in a crowded urban environment, they can use a soundproof headset such as the Bose 700 ($ 400) that covers the ears, or “One More Dual Driver BT ANC”. ($ 105) soundproofing to help you focus.

Physical pain Without the need for experts, you can get rid of wrist, neck and back pain by using a comfortable keyboard while working as a “Kinesis Freestyle Edge” ($ 219) or a wireless mouse as “M720 Triathlon Multi Device Wireless Mouse” Logitech M720 Triathlon Multi – Device Wireless Mouse ($ 50).

And in the event that you suffer from back pain, it may be time to invest in a solid office chair such as “Steelcase Gesture” ($ 969) or a standing position seat as “Uplift’s V2 standup desk” ($ 539).

Jason Farid, founder of Biz Camp, a maker of electronic software and remote work tools, in Chicago, maintains the simplicity of its technical settings. And when he wants to stand, put the laptop on a bookshelf and work.

– Problems working with the team.

When it comes to working remotely with a team of colleagues, the path of success deviates slightly from tools and becomes more dependent on the sympathy we feel toward them while using technology. Many companies consider that it is very important to consider the difference in the level of technical literacy among employees. Hence, Farid advises employees who work from home on the team to choose versatile tools instead of relying on a set of single-use tools.

What does this mean? Dedicated team-work applications such as ‘Slack’ allow you to have group conversations, individual correspondence, and download files. Google also offers its own suite of team work apps and includes tools for editing documents, sharing a calendar, and conducting video conference calls. Reliance on one application that allows you to do all these functions remains better than using an application for every task because the projects may easily turn into chaos if the work files are in one tool and not available in the other.

After that, it is the second step for the team to work remotely, which is ensuring that everyone uses the same tools.

Do not put yourself in a situation that urges everyone to use the application you want, while they are using another standardized application, because the absence of consensus on work tools may change without feeling overwhelming bickering between team members.

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