Most Malaysians follow a moderate model of Islam, and the country has not experienced major attacks in years

Malaysian police said that the explosion that targeted a drink last week near the capital Kuala Lumpur, which resulted in the injury of 8 people, was the first by the Islamic State in the country.

The police had said at the time of the bombing in a restaurant and drink, traveling outside Kuala Lumpur on the twenty-eighth of last month, that the likely motive was a commercial dispute.

Police added, at the time, that they had arrested two men suspected of being involved in the accident.

The Malaysian authorities are increasingly concerned about the possibility of attacks carried out by the “Islamic State”, especially with the increase in the number of Malaysians who have faced fighting in Syria.

“There are indications that ISIS was involved in the bombing,” Malaysian police chief Khalid Abu Bakr told reporters.

“We concluded that two of those involved in the attack had received orders from one of our citizens in Syria to carry out attacks in Malaysia,” he added.

The Malaysian authorities have arrested dozens of people on suspicion of involvement in extremist activities, including 13 Malaysians arrested after the recent bombing, despite the police saying they were not in direct contact with him.

Several governments in the Southeast Asian region have warned of the growing threat posed by the aforementioned organization.

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