Lovers of astronomical events on a date with a new phenomenon that attracts attention


Washington – Arabs today

Lovers of astronomical events, on a date with a new phenomenon that attracts the attention of the world on the current April 8, which is the phenomenon of the “giant pink moon” that is at this time in the largest size and in the closest place to it from the earth, as it will appear in the early hours of the day April 8, and will be evident in more than one country, including Britain, North America, and European countries, and although it is called the “pink moon” it will appear a little pale orange, and will become the largest grave appear in 2020.

And on the reasons for its appearance, this is due to the fact that the giant moon appears when its passage coincides at the nearest point from Earth, That’s when an orbit arrives the moon Elliptical to the closest point to Earth while the moon is complete, according to NASA in 1979.

It will appear strongly in the United States on April 7 at 14:08, and will appear in the east of it at 10:35, and it is known as the full moon in April as the pink moon due to the pink moss grass, known as wild phlox, and NASA named the moon the pink moon after it, Especially since the pink algae plant in the eastern United States is one of the oldest scattered spring flowers.

The moon becomes a different color that tends to orange because of its height and proximity to the earth, it is seen through less thickness of the atmosphere, and the oxygen of the earth and the nitrogen-rich atmosphere filter the blue wavelengths of moonlight, and this process is known as the light refraction, which leads to its vision in red and orange colors Just.

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