Life is gradually returning to European stadiums without an audience and others awaiting the resumption of the leagues


Life began to gradually return to the European stadiums, despite the absence of the public after the resumption of some patrols, after the Coruna virus caused almost complete paralysis in football tournaments at various levels. We review the list of periodicals that have resumed their activities and those that have set return dates, and those that are still looking at specific protocols, especially healthy ones, in order to be able to complete the suspended season since mid-March:

After almost complete paralysis in football tournaments at various levels for nearly three months due to the Corona epidemic that swept the world, life gradually began to return to the stadiums behind closed doors in the face of the fans.

After the German Bundesliga resumed its activities on May 16, it became La Liga The closest among the major tournaments to return, after the government authorized on May 23, the return of competitions as of the week beginning June 8.

The following is a presentation of the patrols that have resumed their activities and those that have set return dates, and others that are looking at specific protocols, especially health ones, in order to be able to complete the suspended season since mid-March:

The patrols are back

She returned German League competitionsOn May 16th, the twenty-sixth stage (out of 34) was established behind closed doors, which will continue in all the remaining stages.

The German league is the first among the major European championships whose competitions will resume, and the second in the old continent after the humble Faroe Islands League that revived on the ninth of May.

Football matches also returned in Estonia, where first-class matches were resumed behind closed doors.

On May 23, the Czech Republic joined the resumed tournaments, with the completion of stage 25.

Despite the outbreak of the virus around the world, Belarus was the only European country not to comment on its local championship in the past two months.

The following are the dates during which some of the competitions started their competitions after more than two months of suspension:

Faroe Islands: May 9th

Germany: 16 May

Estonia: May 19

Czech Republic: 23 May

About to return

“La Liga” obtained the green light from the authorities concerned in order to return to the field in the week beginning on the eighth of next June.

Here are the dates that were officially decided to resume some of the national championships:

Denmark: 28 May

Serbia: 30 May

Austria: June 2nd

Portugal: June 3rd

Slovenia: June 5th

Croatia: June 6

Turkey: June 12

Norway: June 16

Russia: June 21

Finland: July 1st

Waiting for the green light

Meditation England And Italy in catching up with Germany and the start of the competitions wheel in their championships as soon as possible, but the equation is still complicated, between health concerns and the green light expected from the competent authorities in both countries.

The Premier League is hoping to resume the season around mid-June, despite concerns from players and coaches about the risk of catching an infection, and the need for a longer period of training before competitions resume.

In Italy, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte extended the suspension of sports competitions until 14 June, knowing that the clubs had indicated their desire to resume the season on 13 of it. Sports Minister Vincenzo Spadafora announced that the first division teams have received the green light to resume team training, but will wait until 28 May to see if the season can resume or not.

Here are some dates for tournaments hoping to resume:

Romania: 27 May

Poland: 29 May

Greece: June 6

England: mid-June

Italy: June 13

Switzerland: June 20

Championships are decided to end the season

The Dutch League has become the first national championship in a European country under the European Union (WIFA) flag, to be ended early.

The local federation did not crown any team with the title, and it froze the decline and the rise.

France followed in the footsteps of the Netherlands, but Paris Saint-Germain managed to retain the league title after the announcement at the end of April of the end of the season.

The League’s decision led Toulouse and Amiens to drop to the second tier, while Lorient and Lens will ascend to the first tier. France will be represented in Saint-Germain, Marseille and Rennes next season.

In addition, the Belgian government decided to suspend football competitions until July 31, as is the case with sports activities, which contributed to facilitating the League’s task by deciding to end the season and crowning Bruges with the title.

Bruges was crowned thanks to this decision that also brought Vasland-Beveren to the second degree.

The Professional Association of Scotland decided to crown Celtic as the champions of the local league for the ninth year in a row, after finishing the season definitively.

Cyprus and Luxembourg also ended their seasons, but without naming a champion.

Omonia Nicosia has been named as the representative of the Cyprus football in the next European Champions League qualifiers.

France 24 / AFP