LG unveils its new Velvet smartphone design


Seoul – Arabs today

The South Korean company, LG, unveiled its new design, the Velvet, which is expected to be launched soon, in its first promotional announcement. The announcement confirms the validity of previous reports that the phone will be powered by the Snapdragon 765 5G processor.

The advertisement also gives a better presentation of what it would look like in reality, as it includes a successive group of triple cameras in its back that are called “raindrops”, and it will not be as prominent as those present in new phones such as “iPhone 11”.

The announcement in its final snapshot reveals some other key details of the phone, a 3.5mm audio jack on the bottom of the phone.

“LG” chose the name “Velvet” for its new phone after it used to give alphanumeric names to its phones, because “the new names will help the consumer to capture the essence of the device that is best suited to his or her personality,” according to the website “The Virg”.

And while you didn’t provide “LG“Details of its new phone” Velvet “, such as the date it was put on the market or price, the Korean news portal” Navre “said earlier this month that the company’s new phone will be launched on May 15.

The portal added that the phone The new contains a mid-range “Snapdragon 765” processor from Qualcomm, and it will be equipped with a “fifth generation” network, and its price will reach 660 US dollars, according to the South Korean Yonhap Agency.

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