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At a time that staying at home Necessary in the current period, we can consider that Virtual tourism It is the dominant one where we can move anywhere we want by default … Today we will move to Chile to discover the vibrant culture of this South American country without moving from our home!

Chile is a land of difference

Chile is one of the countries that contain many geographical contradictions … the country includes the drier desert in the world, the Atacama Desert, and it is also called the southern region in it “the end of the world” because it is in the far south of the globe and is filled with ice islands … as well as Visitors in Chile enjoy the picturesque beaches and resorts along the tourist line of the country, as are the cities with a colonial engineering nature in addition to the wonderful rural towns near the Andes Mountains, active volcanoes, dense forests, etc. … But how can we discover the country without the possibility of visiting it at the present time? Get to know us!

Have a traditional Chilean Empanada

When you travel to South America in general and Chile in particular, you will find empanada everywhere and it is really delicious .. But in Chile, the empanada is larger than its counterparts in the American countries and is initially stuffed with meat and spices, onions, olives and eggs, which leads to a meal rich in protein. You can prepare this meal yourself at home and discover the delicious Chilean taste.

Beauty of Chile on your phone

Besides the historic sites and cities of Santiago, Valparaiso and Viña del Mar, the most beautiful areas of Chile are those wonderful natural areas that are not crowded. Fortunately for us, the wonderful geological formations in the Atacama desert, the scenic natural sites in the Torres del Paine Park in the Patagonia region and the picturesque statues on Easter Island can be discovered by default through the application of Chile 360, which provides a great experience to visit these sites and learn about its details and enjoy its beauty.

Read the poetry of Pablo Neruda

The poet Pablo Neruda is considered the most famous poet of South America, and he won the Nobel Prize for Literature. He was born in Chile … If you are on a real trip to the country, you can visit three of the houses that he inhabited in Chile and they are actually distinguished and includes a lot of his things and his things … But since That is not currently available. You can read the works of Neruda’s poetry, which has been translated into most of the languages ​​of the world, and he is mainly known for writing poetry about love. Thus, we discover more about the era that Neruda lived in detail.

Travel to Patagonia with writer Bruce Chatuyen

Writer Bruce Chatwin made a great success after his release of In Patagonia in 1977 as he became a classic of travel books as he narrated the writer’s journey from Buenos Aires in Argentina to Patagonia in Chile and several cities of the country.

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