Learn how to send WhatsApp messages without registering the sender’s number


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Now, with just a few simple steps, you can easily send a “Whatsapp“To someone you don’t want to record their number on,” says a website Android Police “Sending a message in” WhatsApp “without adding the number of the recipient, is one of the most important things in this application, because it enables you to send messages to people who do not want to keep their numbers.

The site mentioned 3 ways to send “WhatsApp” messages to numbers not saved in the contact list of your phone, and all of these methods will be sent messages through a guaranteed way and will reach the addressee:

1- The first method

You can send a message to a foreign person through the “wa.me” link, and it is one of the easiest ways that we can send “WhatsApp” messages without adding the number of the person we want to send the message to, and you put the following link “https://wa.me/Number “, In the browser, then replace the word” Number “with the phone number of that person you want to send the message to, with the country code in which it is located.

2- The second method

This method depends on using the usual call application and setting up the number to call and then pressing it long, to select it until the three points appear next to the number, so you choose “WhatsApp” from them, where you can send a message to him without registering it on your phone.

3- The third method

The third method depends on using the “Click to chat” application, which is available in the “Google Play” store. After installing, we click on the application icon in the phone screen and enter the phone number of the addressee and the message and send it by choosing “Open”.

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