Learn about the tragic conditions of workers in Qatar and the “Corona” virus


Washington – Arabs today

Defending Democracies in the United States has highlighted the “tragic situation” of foreign workers in Diameter, Noting the role of the authorities in deteriorating conditions and leaving them easy prey toCorona Virus The novelty, warning of serious consequences, and the organization’s report revealed that, “with the escalation of the new epidemic of Corona in Qatar, the poor human rights record in this country has returned to the spotlight,” noting that Doha closed crowded labor camps sheltering migrant workers.
This left workers with limited options to protect themselves from the deadly virus, especially as Qatar is among the worst countries in terms of number of cases in relation to the population.

As of April 30, the date of publishing the report, Qatar recorded more than 13,409 injuries in the country, and 10 deaths, and the numbers doubled in Qatar once every 8 days during April, to become like Spain and before Italy, according to the measure of the number of injuries in relation to the population and while the cases came First to Qatar from Iran, the authorities attribute most of the new cases to foreign workers who have had contact with HIV.

And in the middle of last March, Qatar closed an industrial zone in Doha that is inhabited mostly by foreign workers, and this step resulted in trapping hundreds of thousands of workers in what looks like narrow dormitories, as one room can include 10 workers, in stark contrast to the principle of social separation and approved official Qatari, by the fact of this matter, said that the director of the Labor Inspection Department in the Ministry of Administrative Development and Social Affairs, Muhammad al-Meir, said that most violations that occur in labor camps are due to the fact that they absorb workers far beyond their ability.

Al Meer added, for example, that the apartment consisting of two to three rooms is supposed to accommodate 5 to 6 workers, but in fact is inhabited by more than 10 people, which is illegal especially in light of the outbreak of the Corona virus and the emergence of Qatar is highly dependent on foreign labor, Especially in sectors such as construction and services, and the nearly two million foreign workers make up more than 88 percent of the population and 95 percent of the workforce.

While Qatari citizens enjoy comfortable jobs in the public sector and an average annual income of $ 125,000, foreign workers are subject to tragic circumstances, between low or no wages at all to forced labor and human trafficking, and the Qatari authorities forcibly detained hundreds of Nepalese workers on the pretext of conducting a Corona test for them To leave them without allowing them to collect their belongings or collect their wages, according to the American organization.

One worker said: “The situation is getting worse every day. Friends there are in a state of extreme panic,” while another referred to a security cordon hit by the Qatari police to prevent them from leaving or entering their homes, and the Defense of Democracies warned that if the injuries continue to increase in Qatar , The suffering of migrant workers there may worsen.
Although the emirate has allocated more than $ 800 million to help companies pay the salaries of their employees, and has shortened the working day to suppress the spread of the virus, workers’ rights remain a strong issue in Qatar, especially given its poor record in this file.

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