Greece has many coasts and beaches that are the most beautiful around the world with gentle sun rays, golden sand and quiet secret bays in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Stunning beaches are located in this ancient country in the Cyclades Islands, which have strong winds and whose nature varies along The coastline miles and miles of loud sand dunes that extend along the southwest coast of Naxos, and in the following lines we take you on a tour of the most beautiful beach destinations in Greece, according to “Conde Nast.”


There is no doubt that the amazing beaches in Greece are located in the strong winds Cyclades. It varied in nature along the coastline miles and miles of loud sand dunes that extend along the southwestern coast of Naxos.

Wonderful seclusion of Vagia and Lia in Serifos, gentle bays with muddy waters filled with rocky water on the rocky shores of Covonisi. Some beaches like party-friendly Psarrou, Paraga and Ftelia in Mykonos are full of celebrities.

And do not forget the island of Milos, which includes more than 70 beaches some of which are formed as basins from the chalky white rocks to the picturesque blue lakes.

Ionian Islands

Gentler is considered the greenest, the quietest of the others in the Aegean Sea, and the bays have wooded slopes on the Ionian Islands and are considered like a dream. These lush islands include Corfu, a beach that fits all, and Agios Georgios, surfboard enthusiasts, Avlaki for young children, and Halikounas for young teens and teens, Peroulades have the best sunset view. While Lefkada, it is an island for sailors and surfers.

Along the shores of the Western Ionian Islands there are islands such as Egremni, Porto Katsiki, and Kathisma in which you can see large-headed turtles intertwined with exclusive access to the best beaches in Zakythnos Island, and there are some high-end swimming places on the Vassilikos Peninsula. Beautiful yachts wind up on the pebbled beaches of Paxos, as is the case with Antipaxos, which have more shiny water than anywhere in Greece.


Although the resorts have limited access to the coastline, Crete is large enough that it has many beautiful beaches. Perhaps the most beautiful are those between Agia Fotini and Agia Galini, the stunning sand in Ligres, Triopetra and Agios Pavlos.

Take a hike or go on a boat and head to the sparkling bays west of Sfakia: Glyka Nera, Finikas and Marmara, each with simple, beautiful coastal cafes.

The best beaches on Crete are the light pink sand and azure waters of Lake Balos and Elafonisi, a floating nature reserve that you can go to from the southwestern tip of Crete – but you can go early or off-season to avoid crowding.


This group of rugged lowlands has a permanent appeal with its rustic feel. Skiathos, the only airport on Sporades, is the jewel of the crown with pine-filled beaches, quiet like Koukounaries and glowing like Vromolimnos throb with its skiers and a host of beach destinations.

In Skopelos and Alonissos you can go diving in the National Marine Park, the largest marine reserve in the Mediterranean. Unsung Skyros is surrounded by pure beaches, while Pefkos, Viridian, and Kalamitsa, the Gulf waters are shallow and the sandy beach appears with a golden shine.

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