Jazeera Airways has started operating fully dedicated air cargo flights to and from Kuwait International Airport, completing its first cargo flight to and from Riyadh on Wednesday, April 15.

The company started air cargo operations after obtaining approval from the General Administration of Civil Aviation to fully allocate aircraft, including the aircraft cabin for the purpose of air freight.

Commenting on this expansion under the current circumstances, the CEO of Jazeera Airways, Rohit Ramchandran said: “The current difficult conditions required us to adapt quickly and expand air freight services that enabled us to support and serve local companies and institutions and support them in securing food, products and other tools in the State of Kuwait.” According to a statement quoted by Al-Rai newspaper.

This expansion of air cargo services came after the suspension of all commercial flights for travelers due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

The company has developed Airbus A320 planes to serve this sector, with a payload of up to 15 tons per plane, to destinations located 6 hours away from Kuwait, while shipping to destinations depends on the approval of the regulatory authorities in each country.

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