Japanese airport devises a new way to protect travelers from “Corona”


Tokyo – Arabs today

Create Japanese airport A new method in the framework of procedures for reducing outbreaks Corona epidemic The mosque that claimed the lives of thousands around the world, the newspaper “Jakarta Post” reported that the Japanese Narita Airport has provided beds and blankets made of cardboard and paper in the bag waiting area for travelers coming from abroad who are waiting for the results of the new corona virus tests, a Japanese Ministry of Health official said that the result The examination may appear in at least six hours, but it may be delayed for a day or two, and passengers are prohibited from using public transport. Whoever does not come to pick him up must wait. The paper beds were prepared for use if nearby hotels were filled with passengers.

The beds were primarily made for evacuations in times of disaster and any other time when people needed an extra family made of cardboard with a cover and cover. “There are hotels near the airport to accommodate the passengers, and as far as I know, these beds have not been used yet, or have been used to a limited extent,” the official said. Despite the sharp drop in the number of flights at Narita Airport, which closed one of its runways, planes are still landing, carrying passengers from various countries, including the United States and Italy, who have to carry out a virus check before returning home. The number of newly infected Corona virus in Japan was 7,370, while the number of deaths reached 123.

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