Italy eases restrictions imposed on confronting Corona … and its Prime Minister: “Time to live with the virus”


Atlanta, United States of America (CNN) – Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conti announced on Sunday that his country will reduce the measures taken to tackle the new Corona virus in the coming weeks.

Conte said in a video released by the Presidential Palace in Italy: “Now the stage of coexistence with the virus begins for everyone, and we have to realize that the graph of the infection may rise again in some areas of the country, the danger exists and we have to confront it systematically and accurately.”

The Italian Prime Minister confirmed that new measures will enter into force next May 4, including easing travel restrictions, allowing entry to parks and holding funerals in the presence of only 15 people.

The construction and industrial sectors will be allowed to operate again with maximum capacity, while restaurants and bars will be limited to catering services for those who wish to eat them outside the restaurant or bar.

Conte stressed the need to respect the measures of “social divergence,” and he said about it: “If we do not respect social divergence, the graph will go up and out of control, the death rate will rise and we will suffer irreplaceable damage to our economy. If you love Italy, keep applying physical divergence.” , As he says.

The Italian prime minister indicated that other restrictions would be eased on May 18, including the reopening of museums and libraries and allowing sports teams to train abroad.

The Italian government plans to reopen barber shops, beauty salons, massage centers and personal care activities on June 1.

Schools will remain closed throughout this period, as Conte said that the country will witness a new outbreak of the disease within a week or two if students are returned to schools.

It is noteworthy that Italy was one of the largest hotspots for the emergence of the new Corona virus, as the total number of deaths due to this disease reached 26,644 cases, according to the country’s National Protection Agency.