Italy challenges Corona with a free holiday for those who beat it


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People who have been healed and recovered from the virus will be able to go For a vacation Free, in 6 charming Italian provinces thanks to the initiative developed by an Italian businessman in the southern province of Calabria.

Matteo Cassiano, the Italian businessman, launched his initiative under the hashtag # Hosconfittoilcovid19, or I defeated the Covid_19 virus.

The initiative begins from the beginning of next June, to spend a wonderful free holiday in the 6 Italian regions, which are Calabria, Basilicata, Tuscany, Sardinia, Lombardy and Lazio, according to the Italian newspaper “leggo”.

The initiative aims to provide an enjoyable free home stay service Holidays The real estate units owned by the Italian businessman who owns the initiative in the 6 regions.

Those who enjoy this unique vacation will only be lucky to pay for the costs of food, drink and hygiene items such as disinfectants and their sterilizers, which are mandatory by law and will be implemented in accordance with the protocols issued by the World Health Organization.

Cassiano commented on his initiative: “I wanted to think of those who fought for their lives and have already succeeded in curing the Coronavirus, by offering them this free vacation in one of my places.”

He added: “Giving this kind of incentive to people who defeated the coronavirus aims to be an encouraging factor that giving up fear resulting from the experience that these people lived through, can be overcome by enjoying the wonderful regions of our country.”

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