Italian club doctors warn of an early return to exercise

On Saturday, Serie A doctors unanimously warned clubs to return to training, after Fiorentina Patrick Cutrone, German Pescilla and Sampdoria Fabio Depaulie raised the number of newly infected Coronavirus to 10 in Serie A.

“The Italian league doctors express their deep concerns about the health of the club’s employees if the exercises and gatherings resume soon,” the doctors’ statement said.

He added, “Therefore, doctors are advised unanimously not to resume exercises, until there is a clear improvement in the emergency situation.”

Four members of Fiorentina were infected with the virus by Serbian striker Dushan Flahovic and a physicist at the club.

Juventus defender Daniele Rogani’s tests came out positive over the weekend to 7 players from Sampdoria, the last of whom was Fabio DepaulĂ© on Saturday. The 22-year-old midfielder wrote on G.
Instagram “Hello friends … Unfortunately, I fell with the Covid-19 virus. I want to assure you that I am fine! This hidden monster beats us at random.”

The Italian league and all sports in the country were suspended until April 3. But the players’ association sharply criticized the “paradoxical situation” by pressuring some clubs to return to the exercises.

“We feel sad and angry to see some clubs act recklessly and contrary to any local or international advice, continuing to summon players to exercises in small groups, or worse, to control daily temperatures,” the association statement said.

“It also hurts front-line workers, doctors, nurses and health workers who are begging us to stay in their homes.”

“Clubs should explain what is the national interest in keeping athletes in good shape, while they are not expected to return to play before mid-April … This means that they live on a different planet,” he added.

On Saturday evening, the Italian authorities announced the registration of 3,497 cases of the virus in the past 24 hours, raising the number to 21,157, while the number of deaths increased from one thousand and 233 to one thousand and 441.

Cotrone, 22, loaned from English Wolverhampton to Fiorentina, took to Instagram to reassure his fans, “Thank you all for your support and messages of sympathy.” “I’m fine, and now I’m sticking to my house, according to the protocol I received. I strongly advise you to monitor the general recommendations,” added the former Milan player.

In turn, Argentine Betsella said earlier on Instagram, “The symptoms have disappeared while I’m at home following the recommendations of the club’s requesting staff, this will definitely be just another story. Pay attention to your health and the health of those close to you. I embrace you.”

Meanwhile, reports indicated that the tournament will resume on May 2, behind closed doors and conclude by the end of June, but this will depend on the postponement of the European Cup next summer.

Juventus, the defending champion in the past eight seasons, tops the standings with 63 points, one point behind Lazio, the surprise of the season, and nine points from Inter III, who lost the last two games and has a game in hand.

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