Interpol suspends its cooperation with FIFA on match fixing


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Interpol issued a red notice against two former senior FIFA officials.

The international police, “Interpol”, has suspended its cooperation with the International Football Association “FIFA” in combating attempts to rig games, after corruption accusations against prominent FIFA officials.

Interpol secured $ 22 million from FIFA four years ago for funding

The “Transparency in Sport” program.

Interpol says that all of its partners must believe in the same fundamental values ​​and principles of the international police.

He explained that his agreement with FIFA contained a paragraph saying, “The funding party should declare that its activities are consistent with the principles, objectives and activities of Interpol.”

In May 2011, FIFA agreed to fund the “Transparency in Sport” program for 10 years in order to tackle match-fixing.

He described the agreement at the time as the largest donation from Interpol from a non-governmental organization.

On Friday, FIFA expressed its disappointment over the decision.

He said that cooperation with Interpol – to stop

Manipulation of matches Or illegal gambling – not related to current charges against it.

A FIFA spokesman told the BBC that the Transparency in Sport program helped international efforts “within 190 countries to stop sports events and illegal gambling by criminal groups”.

He added that FIFA will work to resume implementation of the program as soon as possible.