Instagram provides a new feature for fundraising for nonprofits


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Provided platform developersInstagram“The service provided with a new feature that contributes to fundraising for the benefit of non-profit organizations, as the new feature works through the Instagram Live feature, in light of the pandemic of the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19).

Instagram already provides donation stickers for use in stories, but the new Live Donations feature allows it to allow anyone to launch fundraising campaigns during a live broadcast, either alone or with others to obtain a virtual experience similar to campaigns that are conducted across platforms Traditional TV fundraising.

To use the new donations feature during Live broadcast, The user can click on the camera in the top right of the Instagram feed, or swipe right in the (Feed).

Then, you can click on the Live button at the bottom of the screen, then select (Fundraiser), and choose the nonprofit you want to support.

Instagram said: “It witnessed a boom in the use of the live broadcast feature during the epidemic, and added that last month, for example, the use of the feature increased by 70% as users switched to their service to conduct live broadcasts for many purposes. The company says: Many users were Indeed, they collect donations for nonprofits through the service, although there was no formal advantage to that. “

And Instagram has launched a photo sharing service, Ramadan Insta # Good for its second year in a row, on the occasion of the blessed month of Ramadan.

The site called on all its users around the world to communicate and spread acts of good and love, and in light of the current circumstances the world is going through, many will be forced to spend the month of Ramadan away from their loved ones, so the site has provided them with an innovative way to express their feelings and encourage each other, and to share affection and giving.

Source: Sputnik

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