LONDON, Britain (CNN) – The Queen of Britain, Queen Elizabeth II, on Sunday delivered a rare televised speech in which she called for unity in light of the spread of the new Corona virus.

The Queen of Britain said: “We are fighting this disease together and assuring you that if we remain united and resolute we will overcome it.”

Queen Elizabeth thanked workers on the front lines of facing the disease and said that this difficult time reminded her of her speech to the people during World War II.

The Queen of Britain said: “It reminds me of my first ever televised speech in 1940, with the help of my sister, we were children talking here in Windsor, for children who were forced out of their homes and sent away for their safety.”

“Today, again, many will feel a painful feeling because they are moving away from their loved ones,” the Queen continued, calling again for unity and added: “We will succeed.”


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