Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – A donut store in Rochester, New York, used a photo of doctor Anthony Fushi in her cakes .. What is the reason?

Donuts Delite said it came up with the idea for a very simple reason.

In turn, the company’s owner, Nick Cimimarro, told CNN: “We wanted to find a way to make people happy in our area,” adding that we loved the doctor’s message and how everyone was kept informed during the crisis… so we wanted to thank.

Fushi, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the doctor of the National Institutes of Health, was commended by the public for his calm and adherent approach to the facts, at a time when pandemic developments in the emerging coronavirus were chaotic and continuing.

The store printed the doctor’s face on edible paper and placed it on the donut, as “Donuts Delite” did not expect that this simple idea could be sold to thousands of people from different cities and states.

The store owner explained that he had received letters of thanks from the customers, saying: “I did not meet a very popular man around the world … We did not know his first and last name a month ago … His medical policy depends on the facts, and the American people need the facts at the moment.”

Consequently, Donuts Delite strives to continue selling these sweets as long as demand remains.

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