In an American park … a monkey applies social distance between visitors in a unique way under Corona


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The experience of visiting parks may be different these days due to the procedures that must be followed in the shadow of the Corona virus pandemic, however, this park in Florida, USA, found a strange and more joyful way to help people maintain their distance. Necessary social among them.

Gatorland introduced a “Skunk Ape” monkey to help park visitors stick to social spacing in a fun way.

The park, which reopened its doors on Saturday, shared a YouTube video of the Social Distancing Skunk Ape.

In this park in America .. a unique way to ensure that visitors adhere to the social spacing of Corona's shadow

America’s Gatorland Park has devised a unique way to ensure social spacing between visitors.

The park explained its special measures to combat the emerging corona virus “Covid-19”, which is one of the most innovative safety efforts.

Initially, a spokeswoman appears in the video indicating that the park’s goal is to provide “fun and safety”.

Later, the monkey appears between the leaves of the dense trees, to differentiate between two people walking too close together.

The original story

The park developed the monkey’s character and outfit as part of the “Halloween” program last year, President and CEO of “Gatorland” Park, Mark McHugh, told CNN in an email interview.

While talking about the park’s safety efforts, Carlos Navarro, a local morning radio personality, suggested that the park allocate the monkey to the application of social divergence, according to Machuhi.

“We started developing a campaign around this friend covered in hair right away,” said McHugh.

What did the park visitors react to?

McHuoye noted that park guests are unsure of what to feel toward the monkey, as it is thick-haired, makes a lot of sounds, and “takes his job very seriously.” Also, visitors are not accustomed to the business resorting to a pleasant approach to the implementation of serious safety measures.

Serious message at the same time

“Gatorland” has posted efforts to keep the park safe online, which includes marking the social distance between people, while riding games, waiting for shows, and buying food.

Staff temperature is checked before work, they must wear face masks, and guests are also encouraged to wear masks.

Besides, the park makes sure to clean toys and seats after every use.

“We have implemented a myriad of material and operational changes to ensure the safety of our guests and staff,” said McHugh.