Important decisions for Trump in two days


Source: Dubai –

White House economic adviser Larry Cadlow said the United States is ready to resume business.

“Important decisions for Trump today or within two days regarding the reopening of the economy,” he added, stressing that the Trump administration wants to return employees to their jobs, but in a safe manner.

Yesterday evening, US President Donald Trump confirmed the success of his strategy to reduce the outbreak of the new Corona epidemic, with evidence of “declining hospital admission rates” for those infected with Covid-19, stressing that he possesses “the absolute authority to reopen the American economy.”

The US president is considering reopening the economy and companies by May 1, efforts that have sparked controversy in the United States over whether state governors will agree to that.

“Hospital admission rates in New York and New Jersey are declining, and this indicates that we are progressing and that our anti-virus strategy is working, and that Americans are following the guidelines, which is excellent,” Trump said at the White House daily press conference on the Corona pandemic developments.

“The numbers were indicating that more than 100,000 will die, but I think we will not reach these numbers.”

Trump said the plan to reopen the country was close to completion, and “we hope that will happen, even before the deadline.” “We will know in the old days when we can do that,” he added. “I will make up my mind about opening the economy at the end of the week.”

At the beginning of the Corona outbreak, Trump decided to close the economy for 15 days, but the medical team came back and said that this period was not enough, and that it should be 30 days, so Trump extended the extension directly.