I hope Vieira will be on Arsenal


Source: London – DBA

Arsenal coach Mickel Artita has revealed that former French striker Thierry Henry is the toughest opponent he faced while playing for Everton.

“When I played against him, I felt for a moment as though he could not be stopped, it started as if he was playing against a junior team, I noticed his great superiority over others with full respect for them,” Arteta said.

When asked about the great players he wished to be on Arsenal’s list at the moment, Arteta confirmed that he was former captain Patrick Vieira.

He added: A player like Vieira will be great, we have some great players in the back line, and we also have some great ones who have achieved great success with this club.

The Spanish coach concluded his remarks by saying: Another player I liked a lot when I was young was the Danish Michael Laudrup, I loved him a lot and was impressed with the way he plays.