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Diabetes is one of the chronic diseases that requires its patients to follow an organized lifestyle to maintain their health and not to be exposed to serious complications. Diabetes also affects many body systems, especially the immune system, which represents the first line of defense for the body in this period in which it faces Corona virus world.

In an interview with with Dr. Abdel-Khalek Hamid, consultant of diabetes, digestive and liver diseases in the ocular palace, about the instructions that diabetics should follow to avoid infection with the Corona virus and enhance their immunity, Dr. Abdel-Khalek clarified that those with weak immune systems are Most infected with the virus.

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He added, “Therefore, diabetics must be careful in this crisis that the world is going through. Diabetics are among the groups that are classified as having an immune disorder, due to the disorder of the blood sugar level, which contributes to disorders in the immune system.”

The Diabetes Consultant pointed out the necessity not to mix diabetes patients with chronic diseases in this period or to be in crowded places, and to keep taking diabetes medications that vary according to each case at the specified times and to follow it up on a daily basis.

Dr.. Abdul Khaleq HamedDr.. Abdul Khaleq Hamed

They should also follow an integrated diet that contains protein, which mainly helps in strengthening immunity and foods rich in dietary fiber, such as those found in whole grains and vegetables, and eating foods rich in antioxidants such as vegetables and colored fruits, for their role in strengthening immunity.

Diabetics should also refrain from eating foods that are high in fat and replace them with vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins.


Dr. Abdel-Khalek stressed the need to use natural fluids that work to enhance the health of the immune system and prevent corona virus, so it is advised to increase the intake of natural fluids such as ginger and anise without adding sugar to them, and to be sure to obtain the micronutrients represented in some vitamins such as vitamin “A” Vitamin “C”, “B”, “D”, and “H”, as well as zinc, selenium and iron, as these vitamins improve the body’s immunity, which contributes to increasing the body’s resistance to infection and recovering faster when infected.

Vitamin A works on the structural composition of skin cells, the respiratory system, and the intestine. This is the first line of defense for the body and can be obtained from oily fish such as tuna, eggs and carrots.


As for vitamin “B”, it contributes to the primary response of the body, once the pathogen is known, through its effect on the production and activity of natural killer cells that work to make the affected cells explode.

Vitamin B6 can be obtained from whole grains, legumes, green leafy vegetables, nuts, fish and meat.

As for Vitamin C and Vitamin H, when the body fights infection, it suffers from what is called oxidative stress that leads to the production of free radicals that can penetrate the cell walls, and inflammation of tissues occurs, and vitamins protect cells from oxidative stress, and these can be obtained Vitamins through oranges, lemons, guava and tomatoes, as well as nuts and leafy vegetables.

Vitamin “D” can be obtained by the body through exposure to the sun, and the body can obtain this vitamin from some food sources such as eggs and fish.

As for the element zinc and selenium, they work to enhance the immune cells and can be obtained through meat, poultry, marine crustaceans and nuts, and selenium from grains and whole meat.

Dr. Abdel-Khalek also stressed the importance of exercise for diabetics, due to its role in stimulating blood sugar and blood circulation, which helps in strengthening the immune system.

He stressed the importance of getting enough hours of sleep, especially at night, in order for the body to secrete the hormone cortisone, which works to strengthen immunity.

He pointed to the importance of avoiding as much as possible from the psychological and nervous pressures because they cause disturbance of the level of sugar in the blood.

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