Historic fortress to protect Britain from France turns into an amusement park


London – Arabs today

A historic fort off the coast of Wales, which was built in the past to protect the United Kingdom from French naval attacks, can be converted today into a water park and amusement park after listing it for real estate sales of £ 295,000, according to the British newspaper, The Sun. The Stack Rock Fort fortress, which is based on waterways near Milford Heaven west of Wales, has been declared a “wonderful opportunity to own a true piece of English history.” An ambitious businessman hopes to seize the opportunity and obtain the fort offered for sale, which dates back 170 years and was used to repel French attacks during the reign of Emperor Napoleon III, in order to turn it into a center of activities and external entertainment.

Phil Headley, a resident of Milford Haven, said the historic fort would be ideal for diving, sailing and other recreational activities outdoors. He added, “I was walking with my dogs along the coastal road during the Christmas holidays, when a notification appeared on my phone from my Facebook page announcing that the fort was already listed for sale. I read the ad and thought that the offered price is lower than the cost of a modern semi-detached house in Milford, and I started thinking about how to finance the project. It has always been a dream of my life. ”

The fortified island is considered a private sector property and is not currently habitable. Where pictures of the fort and the surrounding area reflect the growth of herbs and weeds in a large way. Headley aims to include the project in crowdfunding online. He also hopes to obtain a financial grant, according to the project, from British community services.

He added, “I am not fond of reaping wealth for myself from this project. But every time I pass by this ancient fortress, I am thinking of wasting such a wonderful historical impact, and that a good thing must be done to take advantage of its historical value and unique location. ” The amount required to sell the fort would cover the cost of the island on which the fort was built, but the renovation and restoration of the fort itself would require insurance of 5 million pounds. The fortress was built between 1850 and 1852, then renovated in 1859 with the addition of a new building that completely encloses the original artillery tower.

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