Google is bringing new tidings to old phone owners with a new video calling app


Washington – The Arabs today

After direct communication became difficult with the spread of Corona infection, Google decided to launch an application for video calls that works even with old phones, and Google indicated that users of Android phones of medium and weak category can communicate with others via video calls thanks to the new version of the reduced application of Camera Go . What is distinguished in the new application is that it will not occupy a large space in phones that do not have a large internal storage space, as it will enable the user to take pictures with new accuracy without taking up a large amount of device memory, and will work without any problems with phones equipped with 1 GB of random access memory . According to Google, this application will facilitate communication for the owners of cheap phones, who number more than 100 million users currently, and use more than 1,600 models of middle-class phones. And one of the first new phones to get this app will be the Nokia Phone-3.1, which will soon be on the market.

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