Source: Tehran – France Press

A 103-year-old woman has recovered from the emerging coronavirus in Iran, according to the official Iranian news agency, at a time when scientists believe the disease poses a greater risk to the elderly than the rest of the infected.

The patient was admitted to the hospital in the city of Semnan, about 180 km east of Tehran, the agency said in an article published on Tuesday evening without giving the patient’s name.

Quoted by Naveed Danae, director of the University Hospital Center in the city of Semnan, the article added: “She was allowed to leave the hospital after her full recovery.”

The agency stated that it is the second very old patient to recover from the Coronavirus in Iran.

The agency reported the case of a man from Kerman in the southeast of the country who had recovered from the virus, which causes severe pneumonia, at the age of 91. On Monday, the man recovered after only three days of illness, although he mainly suffers from high pressure and asthma.

Iran did not specify the treatment the two patients received.

Iran is one of the countries most affected by the spread of the emerging Corona virus. The virus has caused more than 1,100 deaths, and infected more than 17,000 in the country’s 31 provinces.

A WHO report, prepared in partnership with the Chinese authorities, showed that the death rate due to the virus among those over the age of 80 reached 21.9%.

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