WHO spokesperson Christian Lindmayr confirmed that the global curve of new HIV infections is on the rise, indicating that adherence to preventive measures reduces its spread.

In a private interview with the satellite channel “Nile News” via Geneva and broadcast on Wednesday evening, Lindemayer stressed the need for all countries of the world to work quickly to reduce this upward curve, stressing that dealing with the situation should not stop when treating acute cases only, However, testing, isolation, and tracking of contacts must be carried out.

Regarding the spread of the new Corona virus through the air, Lindmayer said that there is no scientific evidence of the virus passing through the air, explaining that it is spread by droplets and contacts, and can be prevented by hand hygiene and social separation, and leaving two meters from the infected person.

Lindmayer advised several health care providers to protect themselves and patients from the transmission of any infectious diseases or viruses, such as washing hands with soap or massaging them with sterilizers for a period of not less than 40 seconds before starting any procedures related to sterilization and cleaning of medical tools, before dealing with any patient, and after dealing With patients and their surroundings, before and after removing personal protective equipment.

The WHO spokesman added that the Corona virus is transmitted through the air only in hospitals, specifically in the intensive care and in which patients are used ventilators, noting that medical care providers should wear a medical mask, gloves and protective goggles to the eyes while dealing with infected patients.

He continued that the organization is working in full swing, and has 20 vaccines now about the Corona virus under development in medical laboratories, and it is conducting many clinical trials to find treatment, pointing out that testing will take 12 to 18 months to be tested, tested, approved and approved.

On the budget presented to the organization to combat the “emerging corona virus”, Lindemire explained that the budget will help countries that need health and medical supplies and equipment needed to cope with the outbreak of the corona virus, thanks to every individual, company and institution that did so.

A spokesman for the World Health Ministry concluded his speech by sending a message to the people of the world, saying: “Please do not leave the house except when necessary, avoid visits, not to be in gatherings, and wash your hands constantly with soap and water.”

It is noteworthy that the “Corona” virus – which the World Health Organization described as the worst health crisis facing the world – has killed at least 19,000 people in the world since its first appearance last December, and more than 430,000 infections in 181 countries and regions have been diagnosed. The number of diagnosed injuries reflects only a small portion of the actual cases, after many countries became satisfied with examining the people who must be admitted to hospitals.

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