German Police Association: “Ghost Matches” is not a solution


Source: Berlin – DBA

The German Police Association warned of the possibility of crowds gathering in separate regions if the idea of ​​holding matches without fans is applied in order to complete the current season of the German Football League (Bundesliga).

The suspension of football competitions in Germany remains in light of the new Corona virus epidemic (Covid-19) and clubs and officials are hoping to complete the season’s competitions, even through the establishment of matches without fans, which in Germany is called “ghost matches”, in the hope of In reducing the financial losses of television broadcasting revenues.

“Ghost matches are dangerous, even if the organizers provide all precautions in the stadium to ensure that safety rules are applied and to minimize the risk of transmission as possible,” Yuri Radik, deputy chairman of the German Police Association, said in an interview with the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntag Zeitung” newspaper.

Radek added that the Bundesliga has the right to work out a plan to resume the season’s competitions, adding, “But it appears that it has not taken all aspects into account.”

He explained that it is possible to control everything that happens in the stadium, but it is not possible to fully control what can happen in places outside, pointing to the possibility of crowds outside the stadiums to support their players, which may lead to an increased spread of infection.