French city of Cannes: attractions that attract more than movie stars


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Can was changed to become one of the leading French centers for tourism, trade fairs and conferences

The French city of Cannes is the capital of European cinema. However, what remains when celebs leave and the red carpet is folded?

There are many … as this city has many attractive landmarks that go far beyond the palm trees that fill the façade of the legendary marine, “La Croisette” Street and its festival that gathers movie stars, which spans 12 days.

Can changed its position to become one of the leading French centers for tourism, trade fairs and conferences. It does not remain free from pioneers and visitors for a long time. After more than 30,000 people interested in the film industry leave, visitors flock to it in large numbers to participate in the following activities and events, so the pulse of the city will continue to be active.

Unsurprisingly, foreigners account for 55 percent of the two million tourists flocking to Cannes every year.

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It was sparkling by hosting conferences attended by more than 300,000 participants, and more than 50 corporate conferences, activities and events held every year.

“Sometimes the importance of” Cannes “is not greatly appreciated as a destination for business and business, and there is a comprehensive infrastructure here used for conferences,” says Verena Kun, sales director of the German-born Intercontinental Hotel, who moved to Cannes twenty-five years ago. Mission) and will be attended by senior officials. “

By holding conferences attended by more than 300,000 participants, and more than 50 corporate conferences, activities and events held every year, “Kan” shines in every season of the year. The recently renovated “Palace of Festivals” receives 12,700 participants, buyers or their agents in audiovisual activities (MIPCOM Festival) which is the largest international festival for TV shows and international series), three thousand attendees in the music sector (MIDEM) and 11 thousand producers TV Shows (MIP-TV) at different times of the year.

Add to that the “Black Cannes Festival” for advertising “that takes place on June 25th and is attended by 13,500 participants, and” Cannes Yachting Festival “next September, which usually attracts more than 45,000 visitors attending its colorful displays of the latest models in this. Strip, and the streets become crowded with visitors.

As for the “Palace of Festivals and Conferences”, which was recently completed at an estimated cost of 23 million euros (26 million US dollars), which is a huge conference center, it now contains 2300 new seats elegantly arched in the “Big Theater Louis Lumiere” specially designed to simulate Sea waves, in addition to being a new meeting place in a privileged location allowing to enjoy a panoramic view of the Mediterranean.

“It was more like a global fishing village, a global village despite being a small one,” says Sharon Farn, an Irish citizen who has been a long-time resident of the city and works as a business development consultant. She adds that “all members of society contribute to the development of the city, Even if they are not seen on ‘No Gaswazit’ street.

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Although it is an entertainment resort, it is still a “true business and commercial city”.

By 2018, city visitors will be able to take advantage of the city’s newest developments located in La Bastide Rouge, La Boca, a new business and entertainment district with a campus of 1,000 students dedicated to modern technology, air navigation research, and studios Communications and audiovisual studios, in addition to a huge hotel.

The most prominent event that the city will witness and is in line with the advanced cinematic spirit of the city of Cannes, is the launch of the latest cinema halls in Europe at La Bastide Rouge, which is a massive complex that includes 12 cinemas equipped with Dolby Atmos technology for surround sound, in addition to four Restaurants and exhibition hall for VIPs.

Attractive city

“The way to do business is a little different from what it is in Scandinavia,” says Vivi Eing-Andersen, a graphics specialist who moved to Cannes from Norway three and a half years ago and founded there her own company, “We Can Design”. Building relationships takes some time and you have to adapt to this pace. Instead of being trapped in the freezing winters (in Norway), I can take my computer to the beach and do my work. “

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You can take a boat to “Ile le Saint Honora” to enjoy a peaceful atmosphere in the nature, it is like a Riviera a hundred years ago.

On top of that, the magical location of Cannes brings many benefits to it. The city’s residents boast that they eat their breakfast on the beach in the sun, and that they spend the afternoon skiing in a resort or playing golf ball in an oak and pine forest, both of which are only an hour’s drive away.

“The city has different distinctive characteristics,” says Christian Senecrubi, a citizen of “Kan” who works as a chef at the “Golden Frond” restaurant at the Grand Hyatt Martinez hotel in Cannes, which has two stars according to Michelin standards. Also a spiritual aspect. If you board a boat to Ile le Saint Honora, you will find that the atmosphere is calm in nature, it is like a Riviera a hundred years ago. The monks, who live in the Abbey de Legans Abbey, produce their own wine and premium olive oil, and we serve both in our restaurants. “

However, it is less quiet than in the vicinity of “Nice” and “Saint-Tropez”. “It was an upscale resort with a wonderful climate, but it is also an active city in trade and business. Everyone is always preparing for the next conference. After 15 years of management,” said Lise Acland, director of RightVenews based in Manchester, UK, who works with trade and business promotion agencies. My company in the UK, I was ready to change lifestyle and decided to establish a new life for me in the south of France. And as long as you stick to their etiquette and rules, by saying ‘Bonjour’ and ‘Orvoir’, you will find the people here very friendly. ”

Get there

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She enjoyed many attractive landmarks that go far beyond the palm trees that fill the legendary naval façade, “La Croisette” Street and its festival that brings together 12-day movie stars.

Nice Airport is the second largest airport in France after Paris, and provides flights to more than 100 destinations in the world, providing services to 48 airlines, including low costs from London, Rome and Geneva. There is a shuttle bus service to Cannes (27 km) every half an hour and the journey takes 50 minutes, seven days a week, from eight in the morning until eight in the evening (May – September, until ten in the evening) and the fare costs 22 euros (25 USD), or back and forth at 33 EUR (37 USD). As for taxi rides, it is expensive, amounting to 70-95 euros (79-107 USD). Another option is to take the shuttle bus to Nice train station, and it may take about 45 minutes for the journey to the recently refurbished Cannes train station. The station is located in the city center, and the cost of the ticket ranges between 7-10.80 euros (7.85-12.12 US dollars) for a round trip.

For business travelers with their private jets, Can Mondlio Airport is only 8.2 km from Cannes.

Places of residence

Facing the sea, the Intercontinental Carlton-Cannes hotel is located in La Croisette, where Hitchhiker filmed his movie “To Hold a Thief.” It is the most important landmark of the city from luxury (five-star) hotels and has a balcony that is constantly flowing sunlight, a private sandy beach and a restaurant.

And to stay in a small modern hotel in an intimate atmosphere, there is the “Le Canberra” hotel of the first class (four stars), where 35 spacious rooms are available and reasonable prices are only 10 minutes walk from the ‘palace’ (ballet). From the harbor side, there is the Radisson Blu 1835 Hotel, which offers sweeping views of the Mediterranean Sea, in addition to an indoor pool with warm water and a spa.

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The city streets are crowded with nearly 500 restaurants and cafes, including Michelin-starred restaurants

Meal for one person

The city streets are crowded with nearly 500 restaurants and cafes, including Michelin-starred restaurants. On a small pedestrian road near the train station, the “Da Laura” restaurant is located on the vibrant pier. The restaurant offers delicious and original meals from northern Italian cuisine. The meal menu is constantly changing and features dishes such as noodles with oysters (linguini con fongole) or cheese and cream pie with basil (burrata kun ravioli).

If you are looking for a small restaurant and a wine bar with an old-style atmosphere and away from the sea front, there is a “la caffe” restaurant that offers a three-course dinner at a fixed price of 45 euros (51 US dollars) and includes specialties in the region, including artichoke with chips Meat with truffle oil and roasted lamb meat with thyme with the “Souffle Grand Marine” dish.

For an Art Deco-style atmosphere in front of the sea, try Le Gault (Grand Hyatt Martinez) award-winning golden frond restaurant, run by Chef Christian Senecrupi who is skilled at making perfectly fresh Mediterranean meals. The restaurant offers meals at reasonable prices.

Places of special appeal

Besides the boutique stores of well-known designers and sandy beaches, you can take a stroll on the cobbled streets of pebbles in the old quarter, “Le Suquet”, or stroll among the amazing “Belle-Epoque” villas with its ample development gardens located above the hills behind the city, such as’ Villa Domurg “hosts in its gardens jazz concerts during the summer seasons. There are other amazing and attractive places, such as the recently opened Bonerd Museum of Art, located in the nearby” Can La Boca “, where the great artist La Boca lived someday. In addition, there are innovative cultural activities and events throughout the year.

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Two million tourists flock to Cannes every year, and foreigners make up 55 percent of them

You can take yourself alone by visiting the small “Saint Margaret Island” 15 minutes away by boarding a boat from the old port of Cannes and heading to the “Museum of the Sea” (Mozy de la Mer), which is an ancient fortress containing ancient artifacts under the sea and a dungeon.

“It was a charming city in all seasons,” says Verena Kuhn. “It doesn’t just depend on business and business deals in meeting places or halls. Upscale shopping is guaranteed, in addition to sunbathing and delicious and delicious meals, but people also enjoy dressing up for activities.” And evening events. Here is the true meaning of social communication. “

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