Four countries in the world resist and insist on matches despite the Corona virus


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Despite stringent preventive measures imposed across the world by the Corona virus, football matches continue in four countries on four continents.

I was absent football From the green rectangle since mid-March. However, four countries are still resisting and insisting on continuing the matches.

Last Sunday, a new season was launched in the Tajikistan Football League. The championship in this Central Asian country is held between spring and autumn every year, unlike most other countries.

Days before that, the country knew the Super Cup match at Pamir Stadium in the capital Dushanbe and witnessed the victory of the “Independence” team, which was crowned in this match as usual, and for the ninth time in the last eleven copies. Beat Khudjent team 2-1.

Tajikistan League, Nishaya Lega, is usually not watched outside the country. However, he drew attention this year because he is one of four patrols established despite the Corona pandemic.

A few weeks before that, the League kicked off in Belarus in Eastern Europe and held its third round at the end of last week.

The league also did not stop in Nicaragua (Central America), with the capital team Managua leading the standings after 14 rounds.

The African continent is witnessing the steadfastness of Burundi, where the league almost stopped after the emergence of the third infection with the Corona virus in the country, but it made the decision to follow it up and three rounds remain before the end.

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