For the first time in decades … seeing the Himalayas from India due to low air pollution


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Residents of Punjab, India, are surprised by the Himalayan mountain range that they can now see from more than 100 miles away due to low air pollution due to the shutdown caused by the outbreak of the Corona virus “emerging Covid-19” in The country.

Residents of Jalandhar city and the surrounding area posted pictures online from their homes to the Himalayas from afar, with some indicating that they had not seen the peaks of these mountains for decades.

This phenomenon has become possible thanks to the significant improvement in air quality in recent weeks, after the closure of industries, the disappearance of cars from the road, and the cancellation of airlines in response to the pandemic of the emerging corona virus.

For the first time in decades, the people of India are seeing the Himalayas because of the low pollution

Residents of India’s Punjab state are surprised by the Himalayas that they can now see from more than 100 miles away due to low air pollution.

The Central Pollution Control Authority of India found that Delhi experienced a 44% decrease in levels of air pollution with PM10 particles on the first day of its restrictions.

The PM10 standard measures airborne particles of 10 ومترm or less.

In total, 85 cities in India experienced less air pollution in the first week of the country’s closure, the report said.

Meanwhile, the air quality was measured in Jalandhar, which is located more than 100 miles from the Himalayas, and was considered “good” in the country’s national index for 16 out of 17 days since the country was declared closed.

The same days last year had failed to score one day with “good” air quality, and in the first 17 days of March this year, only 3 days had “good” air quality.

Consequently, this period inadvertently gave a whiff of fresh air to the crowded and polluted cities of the country.

India is home to 21 out of 30 urban areas with the world’s worst pollution, according to data compiled by the 2019 Air Quality World Report from IQAir AirVisua.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has imposed a complete ban on residents leaving their homes.

Only basic services were operational, including water, electricity, health and fire services, grocery stores and municipal services.

The country has reported nearly 6,000 new cases of coronavirus and 178 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University.

Although the mountain range has become more clear, it is deserted, as many of its mountains were closed to climbers for about a month, with the Nepalese and Chinese sides closing Mount Everest in early March.