Five ways to see and explore the world from the comfort of our homes


Traveling with the aim of tourism is one of the most important leisure activities in our world, and it is an opportunity to see the tourist attractions closely and get to know and understand the civilizations and cultures of other peoples. But under current circumstances, it is time to think of other ways to enjoy travel without traveling. Here are five ways we can see and explore our beautiful world from the comfort of our homes.

1. Explore museums, galleries and concerts around the world with virtual tours available. The Google Arts and Culture project alliance with more than 2,500 cultural institutes offers virtual trips online that enable you to enter the world’s most prestigious museums and learn about their paintings and exhibits. For example, anyone wishing to visit the Taj Mahal in India can join sightseeing tours. Or learn all about Leonardo Da Vinci’s paintings in one place, or even visit the theater with the wonderful opera artists at Carnegie Hall in New York, and many other similar, unique experiences.

2. Update your travel wishlist as we will travel again. The question is not whether we will travel, but when. This is the perfect opportunity to learn about the journey that awaits you by searching for the best places for the next visit, putting ideas for the details of the trip and asking locals on travel forums about the places they recommend and the restaurants they prefer. Studies show that in fact planning a trip is the happiest part of the vacation.

3. Learn the most used words and phrases in your future destination language. When visiting any foreign country it is useful to learn a few phrases such as (Where is the bathroom, or how much does it cost?) Try to take an additional step and learn to have a conversation with the locals who will appreciate your effort in learning their language.

4. Make a list of the most famous local dishes you should taste at your destination and discover the addresses of the best restaurants that serve those dishes. It is a fun activity to participate in an online cooking class and learn how to prepare the most delicious dishes from the country you want to visit and to prepare these dishes in your kitchen under the supervision of a local chef.

5. If you are considering spending your vacation in a country in advance, watch movies about your next destination, then you may be inspired to choose your destination. Travel and tourism films have the potential to open parts of the world that we have not seen before or even thought about. Travel films tell stories and give insights into the country’s history and culture, while showing us the best locations to visit on our next trip. The films contributed significantly to the popularity of many countries, which then became successful tourist destinations. These include the Lord of the Rings filming location in Waikato, New Zealand, Indiana Jones and the recent campaign in Petra, Jordan, and the Sound of Music movie in Salzburg, Austria.