Failure to reach an agreement to reduce the salaries of English Premier League players


Source: London – Reuters

Talks between the English Premier League and professional players ’union about a possible salary cut or delay due to a halt in activity due to the outbreak of the Coruna virus failed to reach an agreement on Wednesday.

Senior representatives of the Professional Players Association, the Premier League and lower-league competition links discussed several issues over the repercussions of the epidemic and said they would continue the talks.

Tottenham Hotspur’s decision to cut the salaries of 550 of its non-player workers by 20 percent due to the effects of the Corona Virus put more pressure on Premier League players to reduce or postpone their wages.

The Professional Players Association is in talks with the Premier League over the best way to deal with the current suspension of matches, but the movements of some clubs to take advantage of the government’s plan to grant leave without pay has drawn sharp criticism.

“No decision has been reached today and discussions will continue within the next 48 hours to resolve several outstanding issues, including player salaries and the resumption of the 2019-2020 season,” the officials said in a joint statement.

According to press reports on Wednesday, the Professional Players Association sent an e-mail to its members urging them not to sign any agreement with their clubs on reducing or postponing salaries without consulting the federation. The Professional Players Association declined to comment in response to a Reuters request.

While the Players’ Union wants a collective agreement, Bournemouth said on Wednesday that it had given its employees leave while senior officials and coaches volunteered to cut their wages to help alleviate the financial impact of the Corona virus crisis on the club on the south coast.

The Premier League competitions were suspended until at least April 30 due to the pandemic, and clubs across the country suffered huge losses in game ticket revenue.

Newcastle United gave his non-player employees leave and asked them to participate in a government-held job retention plan due to the Coronavirus, and Bournemouth said he should take similar strict measures to protect the club’s future.

“Neil Blake, CEO of the club, Richard Hughes, the first team coach and coach Eddie Howe and assistant coach Jason Tendall volunteered to reduce their wages by a large percentage during this difficult period, we also asked a number of employees at the club to obtain temporary leave as a result of the pandemic,” Bournemouth said in a statement. .

Bournemouth said that the employees who took leave, most of them affected by the closure of the stadium, would continue to leave for at least three weeks according to the government job retention plan.