“Facebook” application begins quoting a new technology from his brother “Instagram”


Press reports revealed that the most popular Facebook social networking application, Facebook, started testing a new technology adapted from his brother “Instagram”, and a report published on the specialized technical website “Engadget” explained that “Facebook” starts testing a new technology for similar “stories” With those on “Instagram”, and the report indicated that this new feature will enable for the first time to post “stories” from Instagram on Facebook and vice versa, and “Facebook” has allowed for some time to publish stories on user accounts, and the same is true for Instagram, but in this way it will enable Share “stories” via the two apps.

It will also give “Facebook” for the first time new technologies and features for the “privacy of stories”, which can re-publish the story through any of the two applications, and this new technology through Facebook makes it possible to share private moments with more people who care about them, through the various applications of the company ” Facebook, “American.

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