Experts warn of a vulnerability in Windows systems threatening the most important browsers


Washington – The Arabs today

Information security expert James Forshaw warned of a software vulnerability in a version of Windows, affecting the work of the most important Internet browsers, and the expert pointed out that a security vulnerability discovered in the version of Windows 10 1903 that was launched last year, caused problems in the work of some of the most important Internet browsers Among users of Windows systems, including the Google Chrome browser, and threatened the security of Windows systems themselves.

The expert pointed out that the mentioned vulnerability, which was caused by the deletion of some symbols from the operating system, affected the so-called protection systems in a browser Google Chrome, Which is necessary to provide a safe environment for surfing the Internet.

Forsho explained that the protection systems in Chromium are among the best systems, but every system has weaknesses, and the behavior of the protection system changes not only on its developers, but also on the software that this system deals with, and the expert said, “I think someone at Microsoft has He saw the mentioned vulnerability and decided to fix it, and in April 2020 Microsoft released the CVE-2020-0981 update that addressed its problems. “

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