Experts confirm that life after Corona will change in the world


After a number of states have relaxed their isolation measures, it appears that America is about to return to normalcy again, albeit in relative terms, as experts say wearing Gags And some other societal constraints can remain with people for years to come, according to The Independent newspaper.

The states reduce orders to close and stay at home, and encourage companies to work with part of their employees, while health officials warn that the country still lacks the necessary extensive examination capabilities.

Experts said a second deadly wave of the virus outbreak could hit the United States more difficult, with safety measures currently in place to prevent Covid 19 disease again.

Over a million people in the United States were infected with Covid 19, and more than 60,000 people have died of complications from the disease, and he warned U.S. President Donald Trump Also the numbers may double and the number of infected becomes about 2 million.

In this, analysts raise their estimates of the expected death toll, with the possibility of increasing numbers significantly.

U.S. President Donald Trump has admitted that more people will die due to the outbreak.

In the face of this, health agencies are demanding that markets and businesses remain closed until cases drop sharply, along with expanded screenings.

But the United States appears to be heading to ease the embargo and open markets, with questions saying how it might be that life and people are at risk of contracting the virus.

And its aspects that may last for years, as American researcher and medical consultant Saralen Mark said: “We have all tried to visualize what our world might look like after the epidemic. We are adapting and developing. I think we will adapt during the coming months and years so that caution is part of our lifestyle.”

Mark, who had been around for some time in Asia after the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) outbreak in 2003, expected the United States to likely take many of the same measures that communities in China and other Asian countries have taken in the aftermath of the deadly virus.

“Everyone started wearing masks voluntarily,” she said, adding that what was initially a strange concept for people across Asia turned into a habit after a while, and as many years before the new Corona epidemic, Asians were wearing masks.

“Now, we are all adapting to this situation, and I don’t see that it may end soon,” she added.

The doctor and the researcher pointed to the benefit of the matter in some respects, as additional precautions and preventive measures benefited from wearing masks, using disinfectants, and wearing gloves with a significant decrease in the rate of influenza infections and other viruses.

“Whether you are sick or not, the face mask tells people that you are taking the necessary precautions for safety, and warns them of the need to keep a distance between you and them,” the doctor said.

“If we see someone coughing or sneezing, our hearts will stop. It will be difficult to change that for a while. But our bodies will adapt to be able to protect their people. It may change with generations and the virus becomes endemic,” she added.

Also, as a negative effect, divorce rates could rise in the coming months, according to psychotherapist and relationship expert Lisa Bratman, who told The Independent: “I am a lawyer who specializes in divorce cases, and they said that cases have increased in recent months.”

“What I noticed in the past weeks is that some husbands are getting closer and more intimate, while others have been the opposite,” she said.

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights also warned that the emergency powers used during the Corona virus pandemic “should not be a weapon that governments can use to suppress dissent, control the population, and even maintain their time in power.”

Human rights – especially women’s rights – face major setbacks, with many states in America and other countries imposing harsh barriers to preventing women and from accessing medical clinics for abortion.

Last but not least, some expected Corona to change the US court system for generations with a potential negative impact on human rights depending on the results of the 2020 elections.

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