Dubai Ruler stresses imminent launch of “Hope” probe to planet


Dubai – Arabs today

The ruler of Dubai, Sheikh announced Mohammed bin Rashed Al-MaktoomOne of the most important final stages of launching the “Hope” probe, which is the first Arab project to explore Mars, was confirmed, confirming that it was an achievement for the Arab and Islamic worlds. He said in a series of tweets on “Twitter” Saturday: “Thank God, one of the most important final stages of the launch of the first Arab Islamic probe has been accomplished.” To Mars, by moving it from the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center in Dubai to the launch station on Tanegashima Island, Japan, under the supervision of a team of our Emirati engineers in a process that took 83 hours of continuous work … the probe of hope for Mars soon.

He added that the project, which aims to launch the probe in next July, will be implemented according to the approved schedule despite the difficulties caused by the crisis A pandemic virus Sk globally.
He concluded by saying that the Hope Project is “an achievement that represents a turning point for the Arab and Islamic worlds in the field of space,” noting that it is also “a message for the new generation in our Arab world that we are capable.”

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