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Dr. Mohamed El-Gendy, an information technology expert, said that 90% of sociologists in the Middle East did not take up the social media news of youth and culture.

The “information technology expert”, during a telephone interview with the program “The End of the Day” broadcast on “Al-Nahar” channel, presented the media “Tamer Amin”, that the family, the state, society and schools have a big role in fighting wrong things that have emerged because of the social media, including “Tik Tok” What did Haneen Hussam do?

“Muhammad al-Jundi” noted that the application Tik Tok, Is widespread in all countries of the world, explaining that this site is more dissolved in Egypt than outside Egypt.

The information technology expert explained that the Ministry of Communications, in its last report, said that the Tik Tok application is considered to be the number one mobile media application.

He drew an expert Information Technology, That young people resort to this application because of fame and access to funds.

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