Does sumac kill corona? Was the virus made in Afghanistan in the form of sarin gas?


Dr.. Osama Abu Al-Rub

Is sumac treatment for the emerging corona virus? Does using a hair dryer kill the virus? What is the simplest way to make gags at home? Was Corona virus made in laboratories in Afghanistan in the form of sarin gas? Here are some questions to answer today.

The outbreak of the Corona virus began in Wuhan, China, last December at a food market illegally selling wild animals. To date, the number of infections worldwide has exceeded one million and a quarter million, and deaths have reached 70,000.

Within our continuous coverage on Al-Jazeera Net of Corona virus, we published two detailed articles in which we collected some of the most important questions raised about the virus, and today we present to you 28 new questions about Corona.

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Here we present 28 questions about the Corona virus and its answer, noting that the information – as we have returned to you – below is drawn from sources such as the World Health Organization, statements by doctors and specialists, and scientific references:

1- Is sumac a cure for the emerging corona virus?

No, and this is from misleading information, which may contribute to an increase in the spread of the Corona virus, as sumac is not a treatment for or corona against it and does not kill the Corona virus, and this also applies to all foods and herbs, and there is no specific food that cures from the corona.

Researchers at Harvard University warn of the seriousness of these allegations, and say, for example, false allegations that garlic, beetroot and lemon roots are an effective alternative to antiviral drugs contributed to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people during the height of the AIDS outbreak in the first decade of the third millennium.

2- What is the source of the Corona virus?

The emerging coronavirus is a new strain that has not been previously identified in humans. The virus was named SARS-CoV-2, and the disease caused by the virus was called SARS-CoV-2.

So far, the data are not clear about the source of the virus and the potential animal sources of the virus have not yet been confirmed, but there are several assumptions, including that the Corona virus has moved from bats to snakes, and then snakes have transmitted it to humans. Also, it is hypothesized that the scaly anteater – an animal that is trafficked illegally – is a mediating family of the Coronavirus.

3- Is Corona virus manufactured in laboratories in Afghanistan in the form of sarin gas?

This claim is from conspiracy theories, as a user from one of the Arab countries came out on Facebook a few days ago with a video that reached about four million views before he deleted it, in which he says that the virus was made in Afghanistan in the form of sarin gas, and that a number of soldiers were infected with it, and in order to hide their infection , They traveled to the Chinese city of Wuhan, where they spread sarin infection. The source of the user’s words, he said, is the Scripps Research Institute, but by returning to the institute’s website, there is no study or report bearing this statement.

4- Is the Corona virus deadly in itself?

Scientists believe that the so-called “cytokine storm” – an excessive immune response that leads to a fierce aggression of cells on the lungs – plays a key role in serious cases of Covid-19 disease which leads to the death of the injured person.

Cicotine is a substance that the cells of the immune system naturally secrete to regulate immune activity and interact with infections, which is a natural defense response when the body is attacked. But in the case of a “cyclotin storm”, excessive activity of the immune system is recorded which may lead to death.

“There is a lot of evidence that a portion of patients with severe forms of Covid-19 develop a cyclone storm,” wrote Jessica Manson, a British infection expert, at London’s College Hospital in London.

It has been observing this phenomenon for only nearly twenty years, and it has been considered responsible for the seriousness of two other respiratory diseases caused by coronaviruses, SARS (774 deaths, most of them in Asia in 2002-2003), and the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) (866 deaths since 2012).

It is suspected that this phenomenon was behind previous influenza pandemics, such as the “Spanish flu,” which killed about 50 million victims in 1918-1919.

What is the role of these “storms” in the acute injuries of Covid-19? “I suspect that a wild immune response is what really kills patients with Covid-19 by eliminating tissue,” says Stanley Perelman, an American expert in microbiology and immunology who has studied this phenomenon with SARS and Mers patients. But this is not certain.

5- Is the SK virus seasonal?

Although some scientists believe that high temperatures affect the spread of the Corona virus and make it more difficult for him to “live”, which means that he will behave like a seasonal flu and retreat in the summer, data indicates that it is still too early to know how the new Corona virus interacts With warm weather and seasons.

Also, the World Health Organization has played down expectations that the Corona virus will subside within the coming months, and said it is a mistake to think that the virus will disappear during the summer as if it were just a flu.

6- What is the simplest way to make gags at home?

In a YouTube video, the American general surgeon Dr. Jerome Adams explains the simplest way to make a muzzle at home from simple things like a scarf or a piece of cloth, in very easy steps, watch:

7- Will the coronavirus patient be infected with it again?

Yes, there are reports received from China, the country of origin of the epidemic, about the return of Covid-19 disease to about 14% of the patients in the southern province of Guangzhou, according to the People’s Daily quoted a deputy director of the provincial center for disease control and prevention.

Among the explanations for this is the possibility that the affected person’s immunity is weak, or that he suffers from an immune deficiency whose immune system does not create immune memory cells, which causes the body to respond to the virus every time as if it is a new virus.

In another explanation, the person infected with the new Corona virus gets immunity for a specified period against the “same” virus, but the appearance of symptoms of the disease again indicates that the patient was infected with a strain the first time, then infected with another strain of the same virus the next time.

Thoracic surgeon doctor Ali Al-Waari believes that the return of the virus in some recoverers is due to the presence of small amounts of the virus inside the body, but the DNA detector examination was unable to detect it because it needs a minimum number of viruses in the sample, which gives a negative result (recovered). If the required number of viruses is not available in the sample.

Al-Waari added in an interview with Al-Jazeera Net that “the positive result of examining the DNA of recovered people who do not suffer from symptoms of the disease cannot determine the focus and activity of the virus in the body, which means that checking the DNA detector cannot determine whether the virus is contagious or not.”

For his part, the epidemiologist, doctor Abd al-Salam al-Khayyat, told Al-Jazeera Net that the presence of a few corona viruses and their fight by the antibodies produced by the patient’s body prevents the virus from infecting other people.

But he noted that scant knowledge about the virus’s behavior and ability to evolve opens the door to unexpected assumptions.

8- How does the Corona virus spread? Is it transmitted through talking and breathing?

Corona virus is transmitted through sneezing and coughing spray, and it is able to stay for three hours suspended in the air and capable of infection, and according to a letter to the President of the Medical Committee of the American National Academy of Sciences, Dr. Harvey Weinberg, the Corona virus also transmits through speaking, or even just breathing.

In an interview with CNN, Weinberg – who also served as dean of the Harvard Medical School – said that the research showed that droplets when talking or even breathing can spread the virus.

9- How does the immune system work? And how to strengthen it?

The immune system is a system that protects the body from harmful internal and external environmental influences, such as bacteria, viruses, and malignant cells. It consists of:

Members: such as bone marrow, lymph nodes, some parts of the spleen, gut, thymus and tonsils.
Cells: such as lymphocytes, basal, acidic and neutral cells, and monocytes that can differentiate into phagocytes (swallow and digest foreign bodies) and natural killer cells.
Proteins, such as antibodies.
The immune system works by:

Neutralizing and eliminating foreign cells that enter the body, such as viruses, bacteria and fungi.
Identify toxins and harmful substances from the environment entering the body.
Fighting the same body cells that have changed as a result of the disease, such as cancer cells.
The immune system can be strengthened with simple weapons, which are healthy and balanced nutrition, in addition to sports and kinetic activities outdoors, taking into account regular hand-washing.

An important weapon is also adequate sleep at night, while stress can be combated with relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation.

There is no specific food that strengthens or weakens immunity, but healthy nutrition in general and rich in vitamins and minerals from natural food sources strengthens the body and immunity, in contrast, processed and processed foods rich in sugars may lead to obesity and health problems, and thus have a negative impact on immunity.

10- Should I avoid shaking hands due to the Corona virus?

Yes, because respiratory viruses can be transmitted by shaking hands and by touching the eyes, nose and mouth.

11- How can I greet a person to avoid being infected with the Corona virus?

To avoid Covid-19 disease, it is safer to avoid direct contact when greeting. The safe greeting includes waving, gesture and bowing.

12- Is wearing rubber gloves in public places effective in preventing infection with the emerging coronavirus?

No, keeping your bare hands washed will ensure you are better protected from Covid-19 infection than rubber gloves will guarantee. The virus can be infected through the gloves themselves. If you touch your face, the virus can spread from gloves to your face and make you infected.

13- Does running hot air from hair dryer on your nose and mouth eliminate Corona virus?

He lied and spoiled, and this claim was spread after a video posted to YouTube and Facebook, then deleted after the New York Times mentioned it.

In fact, this will not kill the virus, the only thing that will expose your nose and face to the hot air from the hair dryer is the dryness of the lining of the nose, mouth and eye, which is your first line of defense against viruses, and that means harming them. Also, in some cases, running hot air from the hair dryer on the nose and mouth may cause burns to the face, nose and eye.

14- Does running hot air from the hair dryer on your clothes after returning from outside kill the Corona virus?

He also lied and deceived, and according to a study conducted in 2003 to see the resistance of various types of coronaviruses to heat, it showed that this family of viruses is somewhat resistant to high temperatures.

The Covid-19 virus loses its infectious potential when exposed to 56 ° C for 20 to 30 minutes, or 65 ° for 5 to 10 minutes, according to virologist Ann Govhard.

Therefore, to get rid of corona virus on clothes, it must be washed with appropriate temperature and at the right time. Gil Baylo, from the Department of Infectious and Tropical Diseases at Tennon Hospital in Paris, recommends washing clothes at 60 ° C for at least 10 minutes, and there are no other data at this time to say that washing at 40 ° will be sufficient.

15- What kind of disinfectant can I use to wipe surfaces to prevent Covid 19 disease?

If the surfaces are dirty, first wipe them with regular household soap or detergent and then rinse with water. Then use a regular household antiseptic, such as bleach. The active substance (sodium hypochlorite) in the ovary eliminates germs, fungi and viruses. Take care to protect your hands when using bleach (for example, by wearing rubber gloves). And dilute the ovary with water according to the instructions on the package.

16- What should I do if the hand sanitizer runs out of stores?

Do not worry. Wash your hands with regular soap and water, as it is effective in preventing Covid-19 disease. Make sure to wash between the fingers, the back of the hands, and around the nails.

17- Can Corona Virus Live in Hot and Humid Climate?

Yes, the new virus has already spread in countries with a hot and humid climate, and in other countries with a cold and dry climate. Precautions must be followed wherever you live and whatever the climate. Keep washing your hands, covering your mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing with a tissue or bending the elbow, dispose of the tissue in the trash, and wash your hands immediately after that.

18- Who is most vulnerable to infection with the Coronavirus, the elderly or the very young?

People of all ages can be infected with the Coronavirus. It appears that the elderly and people with pre-existing conditions (such as asthma, diabetes and heart disease) are more likely to develop severe disease in the event of infection with the virus.

The World Health Organization recommends people of all ages to take steps to protect themselves from the virus, such as good hand washing and good respiratory hygiene.

19- Does obesity affect Covid disease 19?

Obesity is believed to be a factor that affects the course and development of Covid 19 disease in the human body. For example, the Corona virus has become more deadly in the city of New Orleans than in the rest of the United States, where the death rate for the population was higher than New York, according to doctors and public health officials and available data High rates of obesity and related diseases may be part of the problem.

“Our health is just more poor, we had enormous health care problems before this pandemic … and now it has worsened,” said Rebecca G, who served as Under-Secretary of the Health Department in Louisiana until January and now heads the Department of Health Care Services at Louisiana State University.

New Orleans soon became among the first foci of the Coronavirus in the United States, after New York and Seattle, and the death rate is one of the main concerns raised by doctors working in Louisiana, where it is seven times the rate recorded in New York and ten times the number of Seattle based on the announced data.

New Orleans residents suffer from obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure at rates above the country average. The Louisiana Health Administration stated that about 97% of those who died as a result of infection with the virus were already suffering from a previous disease, as 40% of the deceased had diabetes, 25% of obesity, 23% had chronic kidney disease and 21% of heart problems .

Doctors have recognized that obesity-related diseases played a significant role in mortality in New Jersey and New Orleans, because obesity is usually associated with diabetes, pressure, and blood vessels.

In Germany, a number of doctors have rushed from the epidemic until today to encourage their patients to lose weight and follow a diet quickly. In this context, Dr. Georg Christian Zein said in a video published by the German “RAL” Foundation, “Those who suffer from obesity are highly threatened groups, just as they are for the elderly, smokers, patients with respiratory illnesses and other chronic diseases.”

The expert explains that obesity is “not a direct factor, but an indirect contributor to the difficult development of Covid-19 رض disease,” adding that “people who suffer from years of overweight suffer and for years also from the consequences of this disease.” The internal medicine expert asserts that the data recorded in a number of countries “confirmed this theory clearly,” and New Orleans is a perfect example.

On the other hand, doctors do not directly classify obese children as one of the threatened groups, although there have been deaths from the virus that even a six-week-old baby was killed in.

20- How do you succeed in facing the psychological corona?

The German “Emotion” magazine recommends reducing the follow-up to pandemic news, or making it limited to certain times of the day, and avoiding sites and channels that do not depend on reliable sources, especially those that focus on terrifying news, which is recommended by the World Health Organization, which stresses the reduction of follow-up to news That causes tension, and the search for information from reliable or official sources.

Although the epidemic imposed on us social divergence, the “Emotion” magazine recommends that you continue to communicate by phone with friends and relatives, use the camera if possible, and leave the house to inhale the air (if the laws in the country permit this) taking into account the concern to keep away from others, and try to entertain Being a fan of home sport or something loved is like reading, watching movies and listening to music.

The World Health Organization stresses the need to help others in these circumstances, such as communicating with neighbors to ask them if they need anything, and trying to create a solidarity bloc to confront the virus, and to talk about positive stories of people who have overcome the plight of this disease, and also advises to pay tribute to all who make an effort to surround the virus, including workers In health services.

21- Is corona virus related to fifth generation networks?

This is one of the conspiracy theories about Corona, and it says, “There is no virus, but the repercussions of launching the fifth generation of the Internet.” And this idea spread strongly recently, according to which the deaths in Wuhan, China, were the result of the launch of the fifth generation networks. There are those who said that the spread of deaths in Western countries is precisely the same reason. The rumor says that this generation releases electromagnetic waves, causing symptoms similar to the flu.

Of course, there is no scientific basis for this talk, as evidence that the fifth generation was launched in several countries a while ago and did not result in any health problems in the manner that leads to death. According to a spokesman for the Federal Office – in Germany – to protect against radiation, he said that even “if we recognize the presence of electromagnetic radiation from the fifth Internet, it does not cause health effects similar to the symptoms of influenza.” Also, the Corona virus is contagious, while the radiative forcing does not reach a human being infected by another person.

22- Is Corona vaccine available but do not want to be announced?

This conspiracy theory is not new, as it was repeated with many old epidemics, according to which the announcement of the vaccine will not be until after a period of time, and the goal is to achieve the largest amount of profits. One of the ways in which the rumor spread, there is a blog post in English on Facebook spread out in a massive way, saying that the vaccine exists, but it is being covered up. The Poynter Institute investigated the matter and found no reliable source confirming the existence of a pre-vaccine for the government-sanctioned virus.

23- Is Corona Virus a hoax to prevent Britain from leaving the European Union?

The Sun newspaper reported that some social media users in Britain are promoting this idea, especially those who voted for this exit, and justifications include what said that the number of injury numbers outside Britain serves the purpose of preventing their country from leaving the continental union. Of course, just using a little logic denies such theories. In Britain, infections so far do not reach other countries that have been affected by the virus and are still present in the European Union.

24- Is Corona virus a conspiracy against the elderly?

The theory is not new, as there are those who said that the rise in infections in Europe is due to the desire of these countries to get rid of the elderly in them in order to serve their political and economic interests, knowing that this is a serious accusation denied by the numbers of elderly people who are treated with the virus in Europe.

25- How can a distinction be made between the symptoms of spring allergy and corona virus?

“Letai” site indicates that a distinction can be made between the symptoms of spring allergy and the emerging corona virus, explaining that the most prominent symptoms of infection with the corona virus are fever and dry cough. As for the allergy to spring, it does not cause fever, but the most prominent symptoms are sneezing, runny nose and itching in the mucous membranes of the nose and eye, as well as tears in the eye.

26- When to wear a muzzle?

تقول منظمة الصحة العالمية على موقعها ردا على سؤال متى يجب استعمال الكمامة مع تفشي كورونا “إذا كنت بصحة جيدة، فليس عليك أن ترتدي كمامة إلا إذا كنت تسهر على رعاية شخص تشتبه إصابته بفيروس كورونا المستجد”.

وتضيف “ضع كمامة إذا كنت تعاني من السعال أو العطس. لا تكون الكمامات فعالة إلا إذا اقترنت بالمداومة على تنظيف اليدين إما بفركهما بمطهر كحولي أو بغسلهما بالماء والصابون”.

وتؤكد المنظمة أنه “إذا كنت تضع كمامة، فيجب أن تتعلم الطريقة الصحيحة لارتدائها والتخلص منها”.

مع ذلك، شجعت دول غربية، بينها الولايات المتحدة، المواطنين على ارتداء أقنعة واقية، رغم إصرارها في البداية على أن العاملين في القطاع الصحي هم فقط من يحتاجون لتغطية وجوههم، في تحول تام.

وجاءت النصيحة بعدما رجحت دراسات انتقال الفيروس عبر الكلام والتنفس وليس السعال والعطس فقط.

وتراجع منظمة الصحة العالمية إرشاداتها، لكنها تخشى من أن تمنح الأقنعة “حسا مزيفا بالأمان” مما يقود الناس إلى تخفيف التزام غسل اليدين والتباعد الاجتماعي.

27- ما المقصود بـ”ذروة تفشي وباء كورونا”؟

ذروة تفشي الوباء في منطقة أو بلد هي النقطة التي تصل فيها الإصابات إلى حدها الأعلى، وبعدها يبدأ عدد الإصابات بالاستقرار ثم الانخفاض والتراجع. ومن المرجح أن تشهد الأسابيع المقبلة ذروة تفشي فيروس كورونا في عدة دول، وامتلاء المستشفيات بالمرضى لتلقي العلاج، مع ارتفاع معدل الوفيات أيضا بشكل حاد.

وتحدث مسؤولون ومختصون أن الأسبوعين القادمين سيكونان قاسيين في أعداد الضحايا وانتشار فيروس كورونا في مناطق مختلفة في العالم. فمثلا هيأ الرئيس الأميركي دونالد ترامب مواطنيه لتوقع عدد “مروع للغاية” من الوفيات خلال الأيام المقبلة.

وقال الرئيس الأميركي دونالد ترامب مساء الأحد “في الأيام المقبلة، ستتحمل أميركا ذروة هذا الوباء الفظيع. مقاتلونا في معركة الحياة أو الموت هذه هم أطباء وممرضون وعاملون صحيون مذهلون موجودون في الخطوط الأمامية”.

وأضاف “ندرك جميعا أنه يجب الوصول إلى نقطة معينة ستكون فظيعة من حيث عدد الوفيات، ثم تبدأ الأمور بالتغير. نحن نقترب من هذه النقطة الآن. وأعتقد أن الأسبوعين المقبلين سيكونان في غاية الصعوبة”.

وأشار مدير المعهد الوطني للأمراض المعدية أنتوني فاوتشي إلى أن معدل الوفيات “بصدد الاستقرار”. وأقر بأن هذا الأسبوع “سيكون أسبوعا سيئا”، مضيفا “نواجه صعوبة في السيطرة” على الوباء.

وفي ألمانيا أكد رئيس ديوان المستشارية، هيلغا براون، أن بلاده لم تصل بعد إلى الذروة في أعداد إصابات فيروس كورونا، وقال إن ذلك لا يزال وشيكا.

وأوضح براون لصحيفة “فرانكفورتر أليغماينه زونتاغس” الألمانية الأسبوعية في عددها الصادر اليوم الأحد أن مهمة الحكومة الاتحادية حاليا هي “أن نعد أنفسنا للجزء الأكثر صعوبة من الأزمة من أجل مواطنينا… الفترة التي تشمل الحد الأقصى من أعداد الإصابة لم تأت بعدا”.

وأضاف براون أنه قبل بداية القيود المفروضة حاليا في أنحاء البلاد، كانت حالات الإصابة “تتضاعف كل ثلاثة أيام”، وأكد أنه كي لا نثقل كاهل النظام الصحي، يجب أن تزيد فترات التضاعف في عدد حالات الإصابة، عن عشرة أيام، و”ربما 12 يوما أو 14 يوما”.

ومثلا في بريطانيا قال نيل فيرغسون الأستاذ في جامعة إمبريال كوليدج لندن، وفق ما نقلت رويترز الأحد، الذي ساعد في تحديد خطة الحكومة لمواجهة تفشي فيروس كورونا، إنه من المتوقع أن يستقر الوباء عند مستوى مرتفع خلال ما يتراوح بين سبعة أيام وعشرة أيام في الفترة المقبلة.

وأضاف لبرنامج آندرو مار “الأمر الذي سيكون بالغ الأهمية حينها هو مدى سرعة تراجع عدد الحالات: هل سنشهد ذروة ثابتة تستمر طويلا أم أننا سنشهد تراجعا أسرع بكثير، كما نأمل، والأمر يعتمد حقا على مدى فعالية الإجراءات الحالية”.

28- ما العلاج بالبلازما لكورونا؟

البلازما هي جزء من الدم السائل تتركز فيه الأجسام المضادة بعد مرض ما، وثبتت فعاليتها في دراسات على نطاق ضيق ضد أمراض معدية أخرى مثل إيبولا وسارس.

وأعطت الوكالة الأميركية للأغذية والعقاقير موافقتها لإجراء تجارب على علاجات محتملة كهذه ضد فيروس كورنا المستجد.

غير أن التجارب الراهنة لن تؤدي إلى حلول سحرية وفق ما يؤكده بروس ساشياس المسؤول الطبي عن مركز التبرع بالدم في نيويورك المكلف بجمع عينات البلازما في أكبر مدينة أميركية. ويوضح “علينا أن ندرك أننا نجهل كل شيء عن الموضوع”.

ويشدد الاختصاصيان إلداد هود وستيفن سبيتالنيك اللذان يشرفان على التجارب في مستشفى إيرفينغ التابع لجامعة كولومبيا على عدم اليقين في هذا الموضوع.

ويوضح الطبيب سبيتالنيك “نظن أنه بعد سبعة أيام إلى 14 يوما من بداية الإصابة يطور المصابون ردة فعل مناعية ويفرزون كميات كبيرة من الأجسام المضادة. لكن لا نعرف بالتحديد متى تبلغ عملية الإنتاج هذه ذروتها”.

وتشير بعض البيانات إلى أن الذروة تحصل بعد 28 يوما من الإصابة، ويأمل في أن توفر أبحاثهما صورة أوضح. ويؤكد الطبيب هود أن كل تبرع بالبلازما “قد ينقذ حياة ثلاثة إلى أربعة أشخاص”.

المصدر : وكالات,الجزيرة,مواقع إلكترونية