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Since the emergence of the new Corona virus (Covid-19), it has not stopped touching all aspects of our life, from our jobs, daily habits, and relationships with others, to our appearance, as we have pushed the new virus since its appearance to review the most accurate details of our lives, such as the beard, for example, and whatever your reasons In launching the beard, it may be important for you to know how to turn your face into a safe area that prevents infection from infecting you as much as you can.

Although no study has been published to reveal the role of the beard in the transmission of the Corona virus, the European Journal of Radiology published a study in February 2019, which concludes that the men’s beard contains infectious microbes, according to Life Science.

However, other studies mention the benefits of a beard: in 2014, the Hospital Infection Journal published a summary of a study of 408 hospital staff, including people with beards and others shaving off.

The study’s supervisors were surprised that the beard-shaved probably housed a known type of bacteria called methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, which is a source of infection for hospital workers, because it is resistant to the antibiotics in our bodies.

Sk and beard
As for the beard’s relationship with the emerging corona virus, there are no academic studies yet. However, the professor at the University of California’s Berkeley School of Health, John Swartzburg, who studies infectious diseases, had an opinion on the issue of the beard and its relationship to corona.

In his interview with the Los Angeles Times, Swartzburg noted that the thing to focus on about this is whether or not the N95 mask or face is fit.

“When you breathe through the mask, you use more force when you inhale, and this increased inhale force absorbs more air around the cheeks,” Swartzberg continued.

The scientist explained that if you have a lot of facial hair, this will make it more difficult, that is, in other words that while you try to prevent transmission of the virus through the mask, the facial hair will remain at a distance between your face and the mask, which means the possibility of infection with the virus .

Avoid touching your beard during your daily activities (Pixabay)
As for the Corona crisis, “95” masks are considered the best options available for protection from drops carrying viruses, including corona, for the purification of air from very small particles (0.3 microns), up to 95%, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC.

But these masks do not provide complete protection, as one must take other measures, such as washing hands constantly, leaving a distance of one to two meters between people, and not touching the face.

Hair conveys infection
Swartzberg adds that if someone infected with the virus coughs near you and your hair picks up these drops, then scrubs you with your hand and then puts your hand on your mouth, nose, or eyes, theoretically this means that you transmitted the infection to yourself, and the same applies to beards.

On the other hand, the beard is a source of temptation to touch the face, whether by wanting to scratch or just to touch, while doctors advise not to touch the face as much as possible these days, because the infection is not transferred from hand to face, as the virus transmits to the body.

Watch for precautions
All preventive measures that we use today to protect ourselves from infection are the result of previous experiences in the prevention of viral infection. Therefore, they are tested with the new Corona virus, but the beard can be transformed into a safe area by washing it with soap and water, or it can be disinfected with substances that contain no less alcohol. About 60%, as it is the only way to kill the virus, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

As for neighborhood hairdressers and shampoos, they may be useful in killing harmful bacteria, but there is no scientific evidence yet of their ability to kill viruses in beards.

In any case, if you want to take care of your beard and clean it to the fullest extent, the hairdresser Guth Davis advised – in an interview with the British newspaper The Guardian – to use the same materials that are used to take care of the hair during a shower, such as shampoo, as it will not harm the hair of the beard.

AskMen recommends four steps for a clean beard. It is recommended to use warm water to open pores and promote blood circulation, so that washing is then more effective.

After that, use the hair wash you prefer, starting with a quarter of the amount you usually use and then increasing it when needed, and then massaging the beard and rubbing it with your fingers in all directions.

The fourth step is to wash the beard with warm water, as AskMein recommends washing the beard twice well in order to remove all soap.

Finally, always remember not to touch your beard, to reduce the chances of transmission to you.

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