Juventus, Italy’s winner in the last eight seasons, has confirmed its defender Daniele Rogani has been infected with the Corona virus, becoming the first Italian league player to be infected with the virus that has killed 827 people, especially in the north of the country.

Italian club Juventus announced that the result of the examination, which defender Daniele Rogani has undergone Coronavirus Positive.

The winning club said Italia In the last eight seasons in a statement, the result of the 25-year-old’s examination of the virus “Covid-19 came out positive,” noting that the club “is currently carrying out all required isolation according to the laws, including with regard to people who were in contact with him” .

Rogani became the first Serie A player to be infected with the Coronavirus, which killed 827 people in Italy, where more than 12,000 cases were recorded, especially in the north of the country.

And if the government has decided to suspend Italian Leauge Until next April 3, the announcement of the result of the positive examination of Rogani somewhat complicates the possibility of holding the Juventus and Lyon match in the second leg of the Champions League final next week.

The European Football Association announced Wednesday that the two Inter Milan games with Spain’s Getafe and Sevilla with Roma are not scheduled for Thursday in the European League (Europa League) after Spain banned travel to Italy.

This decision paints a big question mark about the return leg of the final between Barcelona and Naples in the Champions League next week.

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