Coronavirus The countries most affected by this virus are provoking a reaction.

Social media activists have interacted over the past few days on the topic of countries and regions that are most affected and registered for infections with the new Coronavirus, which has become known as “Covid-19”.

Activists have shared photos of the globe marked with latitude 40, and how both the Wuhan region in China (the origin and location of the spread of the Coronavirus) as well as France, Italy, Iran, South Korea, Japan and Seattle in addition to Washington and New York in the United States of America are all located on the same Line.

According to the latest figures for the number of injuries in those areas, which are caused immediately by Johns Hopkins University website, the number of cases in Hubei Province, which houses the city of Wuhan, reached 67,794,000, while France recorded 4,469.

In the same line, Italy recorded 21.157 thousand injuries, Iran with 12.729 thousand injuries, South Korea with 8086 injuries, Japan with 773 injuries, Washington with 642 injuries and New York with 613 injuries, according to Johns Hopkins University figures.

Below we show you a number of what activists have reported on their Twitter pages.


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