Coronavirus 7 tips to avoid it


Coronavirus 7 tips to avoid it

On Saturday, the World Health Organization (WHO) posted a video on its Twitter account explaining how to best protect ourselves and others from the Coronavirus, which it declared a pandemic days ago.

The video explained 7 simple steps to prevent the spread of the virus according to the organization, the most important of which are: washing hands regularly, avoiding contact with the nose and mouth, as well as covering the mouth by bending the elbow or a tissue with a cough, and avoiding crowded places.

The organization also reported the necessity to adhere to the home in the event of human hair malaise, mild fever, or even a slight cough or difficulty breathing.

She called for seeking medical care early, and finally she appealed to the organization to ensure that the information it released was personally followed.

It is noteworthy that the World Health Organization announced a few days ago that the Coronavirus is a global epidemic.

The number of cases outside China has increased by 13 times in the past two weeks, WHO Director Tidros Adhanom added.

“Covid-19 can now be categorized as a pandemic,” he told reporters in Geneva. “We have never seen a pandemic spread due to the Coronavirus.”

He also expressed concern that countries have not taken the necessary measures to reduce Corona.

And arrived on Saturday evening, the number of cases of coronavirus globally to 156 thousand cases, according to Reuters reported.