“Corona virus manufacturing in a laboratory in Wuhan” .. Chinese official responds to “conspiracy theory”


A laboratory director in Wuhan vehemently rejected the conspiracy theories regarding the origin of Covid-19, describing it as “impossible” that the Coronavirus originated from his laboratory, while stressing that such false statements would not hinder global scientific cooperation in the ongoing battle against the virus.

In an interview with China International Television Network (CGTN), Yuan Ziming, director of the Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory and researcher at the Wuhan Virus Institute, refuted conspiracy theories and other false data linking the institute to the origin of the virus.

Yuan pointed out that the Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory at Wuhan Virus Institute is the only laboratory in China with the highest level of biosafety “P4”, adding that the institute has strict rules and regulations in scientific research.

Speaking of conspiracy theories and other related statements, Yuan said the allegations are not supported by scientific evidence. He added that he believed that such doubts will not go away as long as the pandemic persists in many other countries.

Regarding whether the virus was man-made, Yuan said that based on his knowledge and what other scientists have said, he doesn’t think anyone in the world can master such technology now.