Corona virus causes postponement of Champions League

The developments regarding the spread of the Coruna virus caused the UEFA to postpone the two matches in the second leg of the final of the two games scheduled for next Tuesday between Manchester City and its Spanish club Real Madrid, Juventus, and its French guest Lyon. The Basketball Association and the Football Association of the United States have also announced the suspension of the country’s two league games due to concerns about the spread of the virus.

The European Football Association (UEFA) decided Thursday to postpone the two matches in the second leg of the Champions League final between Manchester City and its Spanish club Real Madrid, and Juventus and its French guest Lyon, due to the Corona virus “Covid-19”.

The postponement of the two games that were scheduled for next Tuesday came the day after the announcement of Juventus defender Danielle Rogani’s infection with the virus, which prompted his club to put his players and his technical staff in quarantine, which is also subject to the entire Real Madrid team after one of the basketball team players was infected with the virus, prompting the League League Spanish football to suspend La Liga matches for the next two stages at least.

On Thursday, Weva called an emergency meeting to discuss the fate of club competitions and the European Cup 2020, in light of the outbreak of the virus.

The Federation said in a statement that it will hold a video communication technology “to discuss the response of European football to the outbreak of the virus (…) in light of the current developments regarding the spread of ‘Covid-19’ across Europe and the evaluation of the World Health Organization,” which classified the virus Wednesday as a pandemic Worldwide.

Representatives of all 55 national federations will participate in the meeting, in addition to club officials and players representatives.

Sports suspension in the United States

The spread of the Coruna virus also caused the suspension of NBA competitions in the United States “until further notice” after recording injuries among the players, in a move that was followed by stopping the Football League and the national team matches.

And entered the American sport between Wednesday and Thursday in the trap of the “Covid-19” virus, after successive decisions that affected its widely popular competitions, led by the “NBA” professional basketball league.

The league decision came against the backdrop of hitting a player whose name has not been released officially, but coaches ’statements and press reports unanimously agreed that he was a French Utah jazz player, Rudi Goubert. On Thursday evening, reports spoke of a second injury to team mate Donavan Mitchell.

And the League announced on Wednesday night, Thursday, “to stop playing (…) until further notice,” adding that “the League will take advantage of this pause to determine the next steps to move forward with regard to the Coruna virus epidemic.”

Not only was the postponement of basketball competition, the Football Association “MLS” announced the suspension of its competitions for 30 days, provided that the decision enters into force “immediately, in light of the league’s continuous assessment of the impact of the ‘Covid-19’ virus with its medical committee and officials the health”.

League Commissioner Don Garber indicated that the decision was made on the advice of US health agencies, and that the clubs were “unified” in the move.

For its part, the American Football Association announced the cancellation of the friendly matches that were scheduled for the men and women teams in March and April.

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