BERLIN, Germany (CNN) – The German laboratory of CureVac, which is developing a vaccine for Corona virus, denied it had received an offer from the US government to acquire it exclusively, a sign likely To President Donald Trump, adding that he rejects all claims by the press about this.

This comes after a German newspaper reported on Sunday that Donald Trump offered “large sums” of money in an attempt to lure German CureVac lab scientists to create a “US-only” treatment.

“To clarify it once again: We did not receive an offer from the United States government or related entities before, during, and after the White House staff meeting on March 2. We reject all allegations of the press,” CureVac’s laboratory tweeted.

Meanwhile, German Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer, at a press conference in Berlin on Sunday, described the talk as Trump’s attempt to get the CureVac vaccine as “accurate.”

Seehofer said: “All I can say is that many members of the government have told me that this is accurate and we will discuss it tomorrow at the center of the crisis (Corona virus).”

During a regular government briefing scheduled earlier on Monday, the story was not mentioned. CNN is contacting the German Interior Ministry for more information.

Also on Monday, Dietmar Hope, CureVac’s largest shareholder / investor, issued a statement through BioTech Holding, a statement to comment on what was raised.

Hope said: “This vaccine should be available not only at the regional level, but also to people all over the world to help and protect them.”


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