The new Corona virus has transformed Italy with its picturesque destinations, monuments and antique streets into a ghost town, where Italy’s tourist lovers and those who were planning to travel to this enchanting country this day expressed their grief when things turned out.

The world is watching with a state of anticipation and anxiety the crisis of the Corona virus outbreak in Italy, where the epidemic started with an unprecedented speed, harvesting the sick and the dead, and bypassing what it had previously done in China, the source of the virus. Italy occupies a large part of it, as it is one of the most important tourist destinations that millions visit annually, and between yesterday and today we see the impact of the Corona virus epidemic on various regions of Italy and how its situation differed in the blink of an eye.

Corona effect on Italy:


Milan is the economic capital of Italy and the second largest city in the country after Rome, enjoying its great fame in the field of fashion as it is an essential destination for shopping lovers of the most famous brands, and Milan shines with many historical and tourist attractions, the most famous of which is the Piazza del Duomo where Milan Cathedral is located in the great Gothic style and it is one of the destinations Which is famous for crowding and teeming with tourists throughout the year to enjoy the scenery of the cathedral, cafes, restaurants and shops of the square. Today, the cathedral stands alone in the middle of the square, it is only humanized by some birds and closed cafes and shops, while imposing a complete ban on the city and became mm Fonder access.


As for Rome, the Italian capital with a long history and great civilization, it is full of monuments such as the Colosseum, St. Peter’s Square, Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon, where these monuments were always crowded with tourists from all over the world, so it was difficult at the peak tourist time to get a seat in a cafe near Important landmarks, where the Spanish stairs were one of the most important attractions for tourists to enjoy sitting and taking pictures, as it mediates multiple landmarks such as Trinita de Monte Church.

Today, the stairs are completely empty of visitors and have become quiet in a sad scene for lovers of Italian streets and the joy of wandering in the city of Rome, and the Coliseum was not the best of luck, this ancient building of Roman civilization turned into silent walls missing its visitors who were filling the place.

Among the most important tourist areas of Rome is also St. Peter’s Basilica or the Vatican Square, which is crowded all year round with visitors from all over the world, and the Vatican Square today has become completely empty and has been declared a no-go zone after the outbreak of the Corona virus in Italy.


As for Venice, the city of eternal romance and the symbol of Italian tourism among lovers of architecture and lovers from around the world, it is famous for its water canals and streets that can only be moved by boats, where Venice is crowded with tourists as boats move throughout the day to transport visitors between the city’s captivating landmarks, cafes and shops, but today it lives in a state From complete stillness.

The international press published pictures of the beautiful city, its boats inhabited, its streets calmed and cleared pedestrians and visitors, so that its water channels became more pure and transparent due to the lack of pollution resulting from boat fuel!


While Florence has an important place among tourists who love history, it has always been crowded with visitors to see its picturesque architectural landmarks that date back to the Renaissance and the Gothic period and its cobbled streets. Historic, unique cafes and restaurants.

Today, this square lives on memories where people do not pass through it after the closure of international airports and the prevention of travel to Italy and its fascinating tourist areas due to the Corona virus, so who would have imagined that Italy would turn overnight into a zone free of visitors and tourists due to the Corona virus despite being among the most Countries are vibrant, fun and a favorite among travel enthusiasts? And is this magical country back to its former era before the crisis?

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