There is a consensus among physicians that 80% of cases of coronavirus Covid-19 virus are not serious. But if things evolve to the level of pneumonia, then the matter is completely different, which means that the virus is deceptive, yet a 95-year-old Italian old man overpowered him without medication.

In general, four out of five of the newborn SK cases show mild symptoms or may even pass without symptoms. In contrast, the remaining cases develop to the level of pneumonia. If pneumonia was originally a very serious development and caused terrible pain to the person with it, then Povid-19 pneumonia is more severe and more serious.

The traditional pneumonia cases known to doctors are usually caused by bacteria that attack the healthy body and settle at the level of the throat, just as it does with the Corona virus. When these bacteria infiltrate the immune system then defends the body, but if this device is weak due to a chronic disease or even as a result of infection with influenza or others, then the bacteria win the battle and invalidate the lung bronchioles.

According to the German website Fitbbook, which deals with health issues, the most important characteristic of traditional pneumonia is two things:

  • The rapid onset of symptoms, which helps doctors recognize it and start the treatment process in a short time.
  • Symptoms: high fever, feeling tired, and mucus accumulated in the throat.

The treatment focuses on giving antibiotics for a week to kill germs and bacteria in the body. Doctors usually advise patients to go to bed and rest. Usually, the patient does not have to be hospitalized. The treatment lasts from two to three weeks.

With Covid-19 it is different
In contrast, there is a different nature to the etiology of atypical pneumonia. Here it is about viruses. And in the case of pneumonia “Covid-19” in particular, the cause is the “SARS Cove 2” virus, which is the scientific name given by the World Health Organization for the emerging corona virus.

The main difference between the two types is that viruses do not infect the bronchial tubes, as is the case with the traditional inflammation mentioned above. Rather, they infect the tissues through which the blood vessels pass.

Feeling slowly drowned
As a result of this bloating and bleeding, it is difficult day after day to inhale and exhale, and therefore the injured person will no longer be able to obtain enough oxygen, especially organs such as the brain, muscles, heart and lung, it is strongly affected and will no longer be able to function directly, but rather may stop working.

As a result of the inflammation as well, fluid builds up inside the lung, which is illustrated by Covid-19 patients when they talk about their feeling that they experience something like drowning slowly. At this stage, patients should be provided with a single respirator to help the organs work until infection is controlled and controlled. But as is the case in Italy, the number of patients exceeded the available equipment, which caused a humanitarian catastrophe, as the number of dead for a day in Italy approached 800 cases.

An old man triumphs
With the capabilities of the Corona virus, only a 95-year-old old woman from Italy defeated him, to give Italians hope to eliminate the disease that is killing thousands of people around the world. But she is not the oldest of those who beat Corona in the world.

Mrs. Alma Clara Corsini was the first patient to be discharged from hospital in Modena, Italy, after recovering from the virus. Although her hometown has a population of 2,000, the case of Alma Clara has received the attention of everyone, especially the mayor of her town to welcome her return through his Facebook page, saying: “Happy news gives us hope. Welcome, Alma. You are great. ”

A slight cough had appeared on Alma Clara without any other symptoms, but as she grew older she was hospitalized immediately to check on her, so that she could be diagnosed with Corona virus.

And the German “T Online” website quoted the Italian newspaper “Gazeta de Modena” as saying that despite the development of Alma-Clara’s case for the worse, none of the doctors dared give her anti-inflammatory drugs for fear of her age, so that the woman recovered alone and did not need equipment Prescription for breathing oxygen.

“Despite the number of years of my life, I am still a good fighter,” the woman told the Italian newspaper.

And not only Italy, as reports from various countries around the world have reported recovery from cases of corona, despite the old age of patients. According to the Iranian News Agency (Fars), a 101-year-old man has recovered over the past few days and has been allowed out of the hospital.

This patient is not the oldest among those who have recovered from the Coruna virus. According to Iranian media, a 103-year-old woman escaped the virus and was discharged from hospital to return safely to her home.

Source: Deutsche Welle

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