Corona checks are quick for passengers before take off


Source: Dubai –

Emirates Airlines has announced that it will conduct rapid corona checks for passengers before take off.

Emirates is planning to operate passenger services to Jakarta, Taipei, Chicago, Tunisia, Algeria and Kabul, in addition to flights that have recently started operating to London and Frankfurt.

The carrier added that these flights will facilitate the travel of visitors and residents wishing to return to their countries.

Emirates operates a modified service program on these flights to comply with health and safety regulations, and the aircraft will not have any publications. And while food and beverages will continue to be provided to passengers, you will be careful to avoid contact with crew members and passengers during service, through modified procedures for packing and packaging meals and serving drinks in their original packages.

Passengers will not be allowed on hand luggage on planes, except for the laptop, personal handbag and baby stuff bag. Each passenger will be added seven kilograms at the rate allowed to place his hand luggage with his bags on the cargo hold.

She said that passengers must wear their own masks and gloves during the trip, starting from the stage of operating procedures for traveling on the counters, and they should reach Building 3 to finish the procedures three hours before their flight departure times.

“All the aircraft will be subject to extensive cleaning and sterilization operations upon their return to Dubai after each flight,” she added.

Yesterday, Emirates Airlines announced the update of its exemption policy due to the spread of the Corona epidemic, as it facilitated the process of re-booking and canceling travel tickets to all markets it serves around the world.

The company revealed three options, which are: keeping tickets for 760 days, obtaining a travel voucher for two years, or recovering the full value of tickets or unused vouchers.