Corona affects one third of the medical sector


Source: London –

Official figures in Britain showed that one third of the country’s medical workers suffer from a coronavirus infection, after having undergone tests that have had positive results.

According to the data disclosed by the British government and gathered by the British press and viewed by Al Arabiya Net, 16,888 people working in the Medical Services Authority in Britain and those working in the front rows to combat the Corona virus have undergone laboratory tests that ended with the conclusion that 34% of them are infected with the virus That is, one out of every three people working in British hospitals is currently infected with the Coronavirus.

These examinations showed that 5,733 people working in the British medical sector, including doctors and nurses, were injured until Monday, which means that this number will likely have increased with the publication of this report.

35 medical workers have lost their lives affected by the Corona virus in the past weeks, including a number of doctors of Arab origin.

It appears that the British health authorities have been late in conducting the necessary medical examinations of their cadres, as the British newspaper “Metro” indicates that until the date of the twenty-fifth of last month was not subject to the examination except those who show symptoms of HIV infection and those who come in contact with them from close employees, which appears to be It provided an opportunity to injure a larger number of workers in hospitals and medical centers.

The newspaper says that currently 2500 examinations are being done daily to workers in the British medical sector, which showed the infiltration of the virus into large numbers of them.

This information comes with the increasing pressure on the British government about the means and tools of protection provided to workers in the front rows to combat the Corona virus, especially after the publication of a report that showed that Britain missed three previous opportunities to join the European Union in the process of purchasing protection tools for doctors, nurses and hospital personnel that included Medical masks, gloves, and other protective equipment used daily in hospitals.